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We all know Underground Racing from their impressive Twin Turbo setup on some of the most exotic cars out there, V10 and V12 Lamborghini with power output way over the 1,000 hp mark are no exception when they leave the Underground Racing workshop.

So when a customer with a TT Gallardo Superleggera got so addicted to the extra power he asked for something truly unique on his next car … either the V12 Aventador or the new V10 Huracán … he put in an order for an X-Version Huracán at Underground Racing.

Starting out with a factory fresh Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 finished in Verde Mantis over a two tone green and black interior the team at Underground Racing installed their X-Version turbo system, including a custom made turbochargers by Precision Turbo, a Proline Racing built Huracán X Version long block, a stunning billet UR CNC Huracán intake manifold and billet 1st-6th air shifted sequential transmission with a billet differential to handle the extra power.

A custom MoTeC M1 harness and firmware by John Reed Racing was designed to allow full direct injection control, gearbox control as well as traction control and the original LP610-4 front differential control setup.

The new wheels on this bright green Lamborghini Huracán were made to order by the people at HRE, add a set of carbon fiber seats to get that race feeling and with a power output of over 2,000 whp this is probably the quickest Huracán in the world right now.