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At the Villa d’Este event on Saturday May 21. 2011 RM Auctions was able to offer some extremely important prototypes made by Bertone, sadly the Bertone heirs weren’t able to safe these unique cars from the curator hence they became available to the public at this auction.

Lot 109 was the well known Athon prototype, powered by a Jalpa sourced V8 engine, this open super car (there was no roof available to be honest) was offered in original condition in the same paint it was unveiled back in 1980 at the Turin Motor Show. It was valued at €150.000 to € 220.000 but managed to receive a bid of € 347.200 when the hammer came down.

The next Lot nr 110 was the magnificent Bravo prototype, a smaller entry level model to be positioned next to the Countach back in 1974 and taking sides with the Urraco. The Bravo received a 300 Bhp 3-Liter V8 engine and some amazing styling, especially the glass parts of this car looked out of this world … a nice addition to the already stupendous looking Countach.

But things turned out differently, and the Bravo never went into production, it remained at Bertone where it received several restoration attempts, originally this concept was finished in a light yellow metallic shade, but later it was repainted in a dark green metallic to be taken in for a minor overhaul and another repaint into the current pearl metallic white. At this moment the Bravo is in very good condition and therefore it was valued at € 150.000 to € 220.000 before going to auction … where it would fetch a winning bid of € 588.000, a nice price for such a unique car in the history of Lamborghini.

The next lot featuring a Lamborghini was number 112 … the one of a kind Marzal, the concept that would eventually become the Espada in production, the first real four seat Raging Bull. The Marzal received half the engine of the Miura, hence a six cylinder, mounted at the rear and putting only 175 bhp on the rear wheels.

With it’s upward opening, gullwing style doors almost entirely made from glass, it looked very futuristic to say the least, this prototype was designed by Marcello Gandini when he was in the middle of the ‘hexagon’ styling period … a unique car valued at no less than € 1.000.000 to € 1.800.000 it was able to reach a maximum bid of € 1.512.000 … what made the Marzal even more special was the fact the ‘split’ Miura V12 engine fitted to this car is also a one of a kind, no other 6 cylinder engine was ever made by Automobili Lamborghini SpA.

Perhaps not a Lamborghini, but still a very important and equally impressive car that was sold was the Lancia Stratos HF Zero, an extremely futuristic looking super car powered by a V4 engine that managed 115 Bhp from only 1584 cc displacement. This stunner was also valued at € 1.000.000 to € 1.800.000 like the Lamborghini Marzal above … but sadly the Stratos only managed a maximum bid of € 761.600 … at which is was still sold.