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Automobili Lamborghini SpA asked Bertone to design the new ‘small’ Lamborghini, the V-8 powered Urraco. The Bertone design studio came up with two rather similar looking running prototypes, the first used a strange headlight configuration while the second was more conventional with pop-up headlights and a small integrated rear spoiler and a big air extractor in the front hood.

But Ferruccio decided to have a third prototype designed, also at Bertone but now by Marcello Gandini, this final prototype was further developed into the P250 Urraco production car.

Minor changes were made to this third approved prototype, the pop-up headlight units were moved further forward on the fenders on the production cars. However this prototype was later used by Bob Wallace to make his Urraco Rallye special.

One of the first prototypes was later used by Ferrari as their 308 GTB Dino car, a direct competitor for the Urraco.