Lamborghini Urraco Special – Guide

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A late model Urraco P300 was modified at the factory to serve as a base for research, this car was a P300 US Specifications car, the side running lights were present and the big black bumpers were installed on the car.

This car was finished in bright yellow over a black interior, but the main objective of this Urraco was to obtain valuable information on road holding and suspension settings when using bigger wheels at the back than at the front.

Silhouette wheels were mounted on this car, 8.5×15 inch up front and 11×15 inch at the back with 205/50 and 285/40 tires, because of these big rims, special wheel arch extensions were mounted.

These were taken from the Countach S series, note their round form against the more angular ones used on the Silhouette later.

Suspension geometry had to changed too naturally, because of the wide rear wheels, contact with the road was a major objective, so the McPherson were modified to comply to this new need.

This car performed many test kilometers before it was retired at the factory, the information gained from this unique car led to the Silhouette in 1976, today this piece of Lamborghini history is still located there in it’s original yellow color with the black wheel arch extensions still mounted, waiting to be restored.