Lamborghini Urus by Prior-Design – Guide

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Robert Geiss is a German businessman and TV personality that owns a fashion brand called Roberto Geissini … and he contacted Prior-Design, well-known for their work on high-end, exclusive supercars, to get together and create a new masterpiece in the world of tuning, taking the Lamborghini Urus Super SUV to an even higher level … or should that be ‘a wider level’.

Because that is exactly what Prior-Design did with this ‘Roberto Geissini’ edition of their Lamborghini Urus … add a carbon fiber widebody kit to the beast from Sant’Agata, being lightweight, they could increase the width of the Urus considerably with four wheel arch extensions, coupled together with a new pair of side skirts.

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Naturally, company founder and owner Andreas Belzek supervised the design of this massive SSUV, with a new front spoiler, a modified front fascia, different rear diffuser … and not one, but two rear wings, one of the hatch itself and one at the edge of the roof.

But probably one of the most impressive items in this Prior-Design kit has to be the engine cover … they added a massive ‘power bulge’ on top of this carbon fiber hood complete with air vents … very, very intimidating indeed, but somehow it all ties in together very nicely and at first glance you might not even notice the amount of difference between this car and a factory original … but the modifications are massive indeed.

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A real giveaway are the almost oversized wheels, measuring 24 inches in diameter, these come with 285/30R24 up front and massive 335/30R24 at the rear, the Urus is brought down a little further to the road courtesy of a set of H&R springs.

The original render from Prior-Design showed their Urus finished in a metallic red shade, with partly painted wheel arches, but for his car, Robert Geiss went with a satin black and fully exposed, clear carbon fiber wheel arch extensions coupled with some bright green touches of color … very nicely done.

It seems Roberto Geissini will be bringing more cars in this style in their business venture with Prior-Design in the future.