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In December 2018, Vorsteiner Nero previewed their UX-07 kit for the Lamborghini Urus as a series of renders, we now have a series of photos for this amazing-looking aerodynamic kit from Vorsteiner, and it’s now called the Rampante Edizione.

There are a lot of options out there on the market if you own one of those Lamborghini Urus Super SUV, at this moment the most popular, best-selling Raging Bull available, and while many tuners go down the widebody route, Vorsteiner Nero took a more conservative approach and decided to make the Urus look a little more aggressive, but keep it’s already imposing width as-is.

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That doesn’t mean this Rampante Edizione is less impressive, just take a look at the replacement engine cover, or ‘Aero Bonnet’ as they call it, for an MSRP of $9,495 at the time of writing you get a new engine cover with a large air vent in the middle, complete with clear carbon fiber vents.

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And the clear carbon fiber theme continues at the front with air ducts ($1,595) to be added onto the original front bumper that can also receive an additional spoiler at $5,295, a set of fender flares made from the same lightweight material ($5,295), and two nice CF fins ($6,295) to be mounted onto the original side sills.

At the rear, the lightweight craziness continues with a more aggressively styled rear diffuser completely made from carbon fiber ($6,295), and a pair of add-ons for the rear vents ($1,395), but the most interesting part at the rear is a wing, right?

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Wrong, from Vorsteiner you get two rear wings, one at the top of the rear hatch Vorsteiner calls a ‘Roof Spoiler’ listed at $3,195 while lower down, underneath the rear window you can opt for the ‘Decklid spoiler’ that boasts a nice ‘ducktail’ design, available for $2,095, all of these listed items are made from PP2x2 Glossy carbon fiber.

Naturally, a set of custom wheels can’t be absent from the program, so Vorsteiner Nero offers massive 24-inch forged wheels that can come with wide 295/30 ZR 24 Vredestein Giuiaro tires.

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All the prices listed above were correct at the time of writing as listed on the Vorsteiner Nero webpage, if you are interested in installing their Rampante Edizione kit onto your Lamborghini Urus you should get in touch with them for the most current pricing.