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There is a rumor going round online about Automobili Lamborghini SpA thinking about producing a Veneno Roadster in a very limited number, some mention only 9 will be available priced around 4,000,000 Euro, a 33% premium over the earlier Veneno LP750-4 that will see 3 units being delivered later this year.

The idea of an open top Lamborghini Veneno got me thinking … I have actually seen the Veneno at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show, and it looks even more impressive in real life than it does in photos, this is one of those intricate designs you have to admire face to face.

Being so totally different to anything we’ve seen before, more radical than any Lamborghini before it, the Veneno is the fastest production Lamborghini ever … so just putting the regular Aventador Roadster roof construction on a car like this wouldn’t feel right I think.

I think combining the style of the race inspired Veneno with the unique styling of the Aventador J would be a much better idea … the J does have a racing background too, so the two are a match made in heaven … and it looks so much better too … meet the Lamborghini Veneno J … mockup … comes with two color coded helmets …

Will this ever see production, even if it will be only 9 units? Somehow I don’t think so, but it sure looks nice and it is always good to dream about cars like this … after all a Lamborghini is and will always be a dream car …