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When famous rock legend Rod Stewart was shopping for a new car back in the early Seventies he decided to walk into Lamborghini Concessionaires Ltd. of Alie Street, London and get one of the most beautiful super cars on the market at that time … an early 1971 Lamborghini Miura S.

With a V12 behind the seats and a power output of 370 bhp at 7500 rpm this race inspired Lamborghini was able to reach a top speed of 285 Km/h (177 Mph) … and we’re talking the late Sixties to early Seventies here, now that was some serious performance back in the days … and the Miura added looks too, so it is obvious these amazing Lamborghini are highly sought after today.

Miura number 4863 with engine number 30414 was one of the last S specifications delivered to a customer before the SV evolution took over at the 1971 Geneva Auto Show … the Miura P400 Spinto Veloce came with no less than 385 bhp, some even received a V12 with split sump … that is separate lubrication for engine gearbox in case you were wondering, a limited slip differential and full leather interior.

Probably the best known feature on the Miura SV series are the wider rear wheels together with the required larger rear wheel arches … and the stylish SV script on the rear fascia naturally, still some other details like the headlight surrounds are tell-tale features of the final Miura evolution of which production was halted in 1973.

Back to this 1971 Miura S … Rod Stewart had the car delivered with optional air conditioning, seat belts and being an original United Kingdom market model it came with RHD, right hand drive … the original 1971 license plate said JLL 831K by the way.

After Rod Stewart sold the car it went from owner to owner to end up with her final owner in the United Kingdom in 1983 … in fact the entire ownership history of the car was available when RM Auctions listed it for their February 2014 auction in Paris after it had been in the same hands for over twenty years.

After the previous owner acquired this special Lamborghini Miura S, he decided to ‘uprate’ her to full SV specifications which included a completely new front section, rear section complete with new taillights and the modified suspension … note that the chassis and engine remain the original units, with the actual Miura S numbers … which means this is still a ‘matching numbers’ Lamborghini Miura S, the correct engine is still in the correct chassis.

Renowned Lamborghini specialist Colin Clarke Engineering undertook the task of restoring this rare Raging Bull, they kept the SV specifications look while Colin Clarke rebuilt the suspension, steering, brakes and wheel hubs to the highest standards, all items wear the correct finish as specified by factory records. All electric wiring, dashboard cluster, fuel and oil lines and even the tires have been totally overhauled … this Miura is perfectly straight and drives like never before.

An original Blu Notte has been applied to the venerable body while the black leather interior comes complete with period correct carpets and stitching … in fact the windshield and side windows are original from 1971 and still in pristine condition.

After a restoration that required around £100,000 (USD 167,460 / Euro 122,296) to complete it is safe to say this specific Lamborghini Miura S with SV specifications not only boasts the highest possible performance and is finished in one of the most beautiful color is a very collectible part of automotive history … with the added bonus of celebrity ownership it came as no surprise the hammer came down on this car at €520,800.

Source: RM Auctions