VINwiki’s Top 10 Lamborghini Stories

Ed Bolian from VINwiki takes us through some amazing stories

Vinwiki top 10

When you’ve been in de car business for as long as Ed Bolian, from the popular VINwiki YouTube channel and the Car Trek series, you are bound to have some amazing stories to tell, I personally have sat down with Valentino Balboni on several occasions, and the stories this former Lamborghini test driver tells are just amazing, I can listen to Valentino for hours one end, and still won’t be bored, it’s all just so fascinating to hear what he has to tell.

But back to Ed Bolian, today he owns a rare manual Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 in Verde Draco, but when he was still in college he started an exotic rental company, he would later become a salesperson at Lamborghini Atlanta, and when he decided to move on, he created VINwiki, an app that allows you to enter a chassis number and get information on that specific car, both good and bad, to promote the app Ed started a YouTube channel that grew into one of the most influential ones today, with nearly 1.5 million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views.

So it’s safe to say Ed Bolian and the team closest to him have amassed an interesting collection of stories related to Lamborghini cars, when lots of money and exotic cars mingle, you are bound to have all kinds of people meeting … 10 of the most ‘special’ stories involving Lamborghinis have been put together by Ed in the video below … enjoy over an hour of VINwiki’s Top 10 Lamborghini Stories: