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It has been posted on a few Lamborghini related forum and on the CarsUK website … London based Lamborghini dealer HR Owen is inviting customers and VIP to a very special event in early January 2014.

From January 10. to January 13. 2014 HR Owen will show the brand new Lamborghini V10 model to a select group of invitees at Factory 7, a Victorian era factory located in the center of Shoreditch, that has been converted into an events area.

Security at the venue will be watertight and naturally no-one will be allowed to photograph or take footage of the car in front of them, but those that already have their order in the books and existing customers that might upgrade to the new V10 Bull will be able to admire the latest and bravest from Sant’Agata ahead of the public … the latter will have to wait until the 2014 Geneva Auto Show in March.

Judging from the cameo covered test prototype captured earlier and the images Italian car magazine Quattroruote published we might be getting a V10 Lamborghini that takes some styling cues from the Aventador flagship, mix that with a rear design looking similar to the Sesto Elemento style and an engine delivering at least 600 hp from a 5.2 liter displacement … and you just know this Bull will put the competition to shame once again.

The first public unveil will be at the official press conference ahead of the Geneva Auto Show, but even without ever seeing the new V10 Lamborghini many people have already ordered one, delivery of their cars is expected towards the Summer of 2014 … so if you intend to wait until March 2014 before deciding to put an order in you might not receive your very own Lamborghini V10 before late 2014 … if not early 2015.

Based on the spy shot of the black and white cameo covered prototype Martin Winczura put together a very nice looking render that just might show us how the new Lamborghini V10 model will look like … still we’ll have to wait a few more weeks to know for sure … keep in mind Lamborghini is intending to reveal more details and information during December 2013.