Viral Yacht Marina Altercation: $4.5 Million Luxury Lamborghini Yacht Owner and 21 Year Old Dock Worker Clash at Marriott Marquis Marina

The Story Behind the Viral Yacht Marina Altercation

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Many people face parking spot frustrations. However, what if this frustration escalated to the point where someone started hurling death threats and engaging in public indecency? This is precisely what happened when a wealthy individual was denied access to his luxury yacht at a private marina in San Diego.

Viral Yacht Marina Altercation: The Individual at the Center of the Storm

The person in question, Ace Rogers (real name Ajay Thakore), is an affluent entrepreneur who sought to dock his Tecnomar Lamborghini 63 yacht, valued at $4.5 million, at the Marriott Marina in San Diego. Unfortunately, due to the exclusivity of the dock and the lack of space for his yacht, he was denied entry. This led to an intense meltdown, which included angry outbursts and indecent behavior in public.

What Was Captured In The Viral Footage!

Viral yacht marina altercation

A dock worker named Joseph Holt observed Rogers furiously lashing out at the yacht’s stern as it retreated from the marina, as shown in footage captured by CBS8.

In the Viral Yacht Marina Altercation recording, Rogers is seen a short distance from Holt, who is on the dock. The sound of Rogers yelling can be heard echoing around the marina, with threats of “I will kill you” being shouted repeatedly.

Holt recounted how Rogers, amid his angry outburst, took out his wallet and began hurling insults along with $100 bills at him and into the water.

Holt reflected on Rogers demeaning him for his job and status, saying, “I’m a minimum wage worker; he was commenting on that, on my status just because of my job. He was saying I’m nobody, I’m nothing, I work a silly job. He said that he knows people, he has connections, he can change my life and ruin it”. During the entire confrontation, Holt remained calm despite Rogers’ erratic behavior. However, when Rogers dropped his trousers, Holt’s patience wore thin, and he responded rudely.

Viral Yacht Marina Altercation: Aftermath and Public Apology

The altercation on 03/10/2024 gained traction on social media, leading to a public apology from Rogers. He expressed regret in a statement reported by CBS8 News.

“The interaction that occurred yesterday was regrettable. What started as a minor misunderstanding escalated into an argument, and I apologize for my actions and to those who witnessed the unfortunate exchange”. Following the uproar, law enforcement was alerted and arrived at the marina, although Rogers had already departed, leaving them to gather accounts from witnesses.