Virtual Car Configurator Additional Options

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The Virtual Car Configurator I have created has been a great success … with nearly 4 million variations rendered today … but I wanted to add some more options to the massive list already … how about the very impressive LB-Works kit from Japanese tuner LB Performance?

I even added the brushed aluminum wrap seen on the first Aventador LB Performance converted just because I really like that look on both their wide-body Murciélago and now the latest V12 flagship … after seeing the matte purple wrap from GT Auto Concepts with the same body kit I just had to add this too.

Still a lot of work has been done to add a totally new ‘view’ to the Virtual Car Configurator … the ‘Seats’ view allows a much better view on options for the interior, especially as I added the ‘Elegante Plus’ to the list … this option will feature a special stitching pattern on the seats that completely transforms the feeling you get inside the Aventador, a more luxurious look.

On the other hand the ‘Q-Citura’ option was added a while ago, but I felt it wasn’t perfect yet, so I modified it completely … the horizontal stitching from the original seats has been removed so the Q-Citura stitching pattern flows much better over the center panels of the seat … but as of now there is a similar pattern on the wall behind the seats, and when you add it to the Coupé version the roof is different too … making it look even better than before.

One more thing I specifically wanted to have on the Virtual Car Configurator was to be able to show the custom shade stitching not only on both interior views … but also on the exterior view, so now the front view actually shows a tiny stitching pattern in the shade you’ve selected from the interior views … next will be the custom steering wheel by the way.

New options for the interior are now available … like a more subtle ‘TriColore’ edition … and blue stitching on the seats …

Create your own Virtual Aventador now …