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We all know LB Performance from their amazing wide body Lamborghini Murciélago they named the Liberty Walk LB-R Limited Works 20 … only 20 units of this amazing V12 would be made, and they are all sold out already … remember the white one that was flown in from Japan to Italy to participate in the Grande Giro in May 2013?

Still LB Performance isn’t giving up on these wide body styled exotic cars, they also offer these rare tuning options to cars like the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Nissan GT-R for instance … at the moment they don’t have a wide body Aventador yet (I did create a virtual render of one however)

But there might be something really special just around the corner … I’ve been playing with this concept too, but Brian Monaco beat me to it … he presents the Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 by LB Performance, complete with stupendously wide fenders, low side sills and massive rear wing.

If we take a closer look at this virtual render we notice a deeper front spoiler with lower fins and additional air intakes, also note the black sections in the front bumper are finished in clear carbon fiber now, which looks really good if you ask me.

Naturally the most impressive part of the LB Performance kit are the wide fenders with the LB Performance trademark rivets to give that raw, race inspired look from the past, combined with a clear carbon fiber side sill and a high rising rear wing in the same material the atmosphere for the Huracán wide body is set perfectly.

As usual LB Performance will install a ‘bagged suspension’ … which allows the Bull to be raised or lowered when road conditions allow by inflating or deflating the air ride using one or more compressors, the massive Iforged wheels and impressive tires are the icing on the cake here … this virtual render naturally also shows the white lettering on the tires and the ‘Imagine all the people living in peace’ message on the door.

If LB Performance has a follow up planned for their limited edition Murciélago wide body is almost certain … if this will be based on an Aventador or an Huracán remains to be seen … but whichever route this Japanese master of tuning takes, I’m sure it will be a stunning, broad shouldered Bull.