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On June 12th 2000, the Lamborghini Club Nederland helped VDB-Promotions organizing a major Italian Car event on the TT circuit in Assen, The Netherlands.

Not only Lamborghini’s were present, but also a selection of Iso, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Maserati, Fiat, Ferrari, De Tomaso, Innocenti and Abarth came to participate in this event, about 30 Lamborghini’s were on display during this one-day event, from the early Espada right op to two of the latest Diablo VT 6.0 versions, while a stunning yellow Diablo GT was nearly always crowded by onlookers …

The display wasn’t static either, at regular times, a series of Lamborghini’s were taken to the circuit, it was even possible to be a passenger on these little ‘outings’, all in all a major event with Lamborghini’s from both Germany and The Netherlands …

If you are a Lamborghini owner and would like to attend the next Viva Italia scheduled for June 4th 2001, please don’t hesitate to contact the :

Lamborghini Club Nederland
Dhr. Jent Mollema or Dhr. Ron Willems van Beveren (Secretary)
Sophialaan 5, 3542 AR Utrecht
Phone : (0031)302410205 Fax: (0031)302410069

For more information on this and other events, take a look at :

Several pictures were taken during this event, some of them can be found on the image gallery available on this page, others are included on the galleries for the specific model that was shown during the event.