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Sunday, June 8. 2014 … the famous TT Circuit in Assen, the Netherlands … Viva Italia is held together with Supercar Sunday to showcase the best of the best when it comes to exotic cars in general … ultra super cars and classic Italian made beauties would be on display side by side for this event … and more importantly the official Lamborghini distributor for the Netherlands, Lamborghini Leusden managed to obtain a brand new Huracán LP610-4 from the factory in Sant’Agata to show to the public for the very first time in the Netherlands.

This time the Lamborghini Club Nederland arranged a raised VIP area where you could enjoy some drinks and food while talking to fellow Lamborghini owners while admiring the multitude of Raging Bulls parked in front of the VIP lounge … classic cars like the black 400 GT +2+ and the red Espada Series II, but also a by now rare Jalpa was present too, accompanied by lots of Gallardo models naturally.

With over 14,000 built in the last 10 years, the Gallardo is bound to be seen at any Lamborghini related event, and Viva Italia 2014 was no different, several units of the early ‘pre-LP560’ era were present … yellow, orange, grey, black and even a matte grey wrapped one could be admired next to a bright green Gallardo Spyder.

Or how about a really rare Gallardo Superleggera … this white finished car was just registered by her owner, and only 10 have been made in this shade … the successor LP570-4 Superleggera was also among the Bulls on display, finished in Arancio Borealis, while Lamborghini Leusden had the Gallardo production number 14,021 on display … a white 50th Anniversary LP560-2 edition, very impressive with the clear carbon fiber rear wing and dark wheels.

In one of the pit boxes I found an even more intimidating Lamborghini … a 2013 specs Blancpain Super Trofeo race car while not one but two Gallardo LP570-4 Performante were parked in the super car section, a bright yellow one and a stunning red one … back to the Lamborghini Club Nederland stand where the amazing black Gallardo Rally arrived and another limited edition V10 Bull … the Gallardo LP550-2 Valentino Balboni edition in Verde Ithaca with the wide stripe in Bianco and Oro … a very beautiful car.

One more Gallardo had me confused for a second … this black LP570-4 Superleggera looked different, sure it had the correct wheels, rear wing, glass engine cover and interior … but the front and rear bumpers were different … in fact these were taken from the final production LP560-4 model, the so called FL2 (Face Lift 2). The Belgian owner even had an awesome carbon fiber tip Akrapovic exhaust installed and a glossy black/matte black finish on his Gallardo … a very nice car.

On to the V12 Bulls now … a total of three different Lamborghini Countach came to Assen this time, the well-known red Quattrovalvole but also a stunning white Countach LP500S on white wheels over a black leather interior … third one was a black over tan one with the classic gold wheels. Next generation was the Diablo, again a black one was present but also two silver finished units, one even in the rare MY1999 edition over a blue and grey alcantara interior.

A bright yellow Diablo showed a totally custom made interior using blue and yellow leather in a different design compared to factory specs … even the final evolution of the Diablo reign was present, the Diablo VT 6.0 in a beautiful orange metallic finish … possible the best Diablo model ever made in large numbers (I would prefer a Diablo GT, but they are very rare, so the Diablo 6.0 is the next best thing).

I’m sure the Murciélago is a model many people know and would possibly recognize … with the original 6.2 model getting a little older prices have come down so many are now able to make their dream come true and buy a V12 Lamborghini … at Assen a nice selection was available, in either yellow, orange or grey (one of the yellow ones even had an interior completely done in yellow leather) … a nice Murciélago Roadster was also present and the limited edition LP670-4 Super Veloce model was represented in bright orange … despite being succeeded by the Aventador this SV was still very impressive to say the least.

It was really great to see so many Aventador show up for Viva Italia/Super Car Sunday … first up were a bright green LP700-4 with a black roof that was accompanied by a stunning white Aventador Roadster … a real beauty and one of two Roadster that could be admired in Assen … Louwman Exclusive Cars had a magnificent Grigio Estoque Aventador Roadster on display … for sale by the way.

Two other Aventador LP700-4 showed up in Assen too, one finished in a matte black … which turned out the be a wrap over a Grigio Estoque finished Aventador … and another Aventador in glossy black rolling on black wheels and optioned with yellow brake calipers … a very nice combination on the Aventador.

So I would say Viva Italia 2014 was another massive success for us Lamborghini enthusiasts … not only the more recent models were represented but also the classic GT’s that started it all back in the Sixties … too bad there was no Miura or one of those massive LM002 this time … but still we had a great time once again … can’t wait for the next event …