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Earlier this year Vorsteiner released the Verona Goose Back Aero Wing for the Lamborghini Huracán, a rear wing design inspired by the Super Trofeo race cars from Lamborghini with a ‘hanging’ design, soon after that a front spoiler and side sills were added to complete the Huracan Verona by Vorsteiner aero kit that was installed in a bright Rosso Mars V10 Bull.

But not everybody fell in love with the very special design of that rear wing, so after being asked by several possible customers Vorsteiner released a new rear deck wing design for their Verona kit, this time a more traditional model sitting on top of two very nice struts was presented on a red Huracán that received a matte grey wrap and a new set of wheels … the forged Vorsteiner V-201 model.

Fast forward to late October 2015, just a week before the famous SEMA show opens the doors in the United States we receive a teaser of what Vorsteiner call their brand new Novara aerokit for the Lamborghini Huracán … taking the design up to the next level of aggressiveness.

Thanks to HuracanTalk we managed to find several behind the scenes photos that have been taking during the actual construction of the new Huracán Novara by Vorsteiner … and it looks like their original show car was rebuilt … they started with the matte grey wrapped car that was red underneath.

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Both front fenders have been replaced by new units that incorporate clear carbon fiber fins above the wheels while the complete front bumper is removed by Vorsteiner too, a new, very aggressive looking unit with large air intakes has been mounted.

The side sills look like the ones seen on the Vorsteiner Verona model, with their large vertical fin just in front of the rear wheels they still look amazing on this new Novara kit while the biggest change can be seen at the rear … the entire lower section of the original car is gone and a race inspired unit is fitted with vertical stabilization fins … it does look to be inspired by the Lamborghini Veneno in fact.

This time the Vorsteiner Novara Huracán received a matte purple wrap and yet another set of wheels, this time a double spoke star design … while the tires get adorned with a red painted line and Pirelli script … just like on the Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli Design.