Vorsteiner Novara Huracan – Guide

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For the 2015 edition of the famous SEMA show in the United States renowned Vorsteiner came up with a new evolution of their aerokit for the Lamborghini Huracan, after the Verona kit with the famous ‘Goose Neck’ rear wing with that special hanging style, the new Novara kit is in fact a lot more aggressively styled.

The Novara was in fact inspired by motorsport aerodynamics thanks to Vorsteiner’s racing experience, the new kit comes with a new front bumper, side fenders, side sills, rear bumper and a fixed rear wing, while different wheel designs are available and a new stainless steel exhaust system offers better sound … and more power.

The new front bumper with lower spoiler not only looks good, but thanks to the larger air intakes and modified aerodynamics the Novara bumper not only supplies more air onto the radiators but also improves airflow, the vertical fins direct more air onto the cooling radiators while the special honeycomb protects them from road debris.

The two Vorsteiner front fenders include vents on top of the wheels, finished in clear carbon fiber these ventilation openings actively add downforce, the airflow generated by the wheels push air out of these vents while pushing the front down for a better aerodynamic flow and increased performance.

Those amazing looking side sills not only impress onlookers, but their special design creates an airflow that will improve stability at speed and force air into the rear wheel arches … again for better cooling purpose naturally.

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this and many more photos of lamborghinis are available on www. Lambocars. Com

Probably the most aggressive looks can be found at the rear of the Vorsteiner Novara Huracan, not only because of that massive, clear carbon fiber rear wing on aerospace grade aluminum struts … but also thanks to the completely redesigned rear bumper. The additional openings actively cool the engine better than original.

The demo car rolls on new V-FF 105 forged wheels in 20-inch, complete with Pirelli P Zero tires … up front these come in 8.5×20 inch while the rear rims are 11×20 inch, even the interior hasn’t been overlooked by the installation of a custom made steering wheel combining clear carbon fiber with leather.