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Automobili Lamborghini SpA has recently sent out an invitation to members of the press for the unveil of a new car in Spain in January 2017, and now they publish a rather interesting teaser video:

In the video, they go from the first production model Lamborghini 350 GT with the famous V12 mounted in the front to the legendary Miura with the V12 engine mounted sideways behind the seats and the Countach with another evolution of the V12 fitted lengthwise in the back … a configuration that has been kept for the Diablo, Murciélago and Aventador.

At the end they ask ‘What will be next’ … is Lamborghini planning to have a different V12 position inside a new concept car? Or is this a preview of the Aventador facelift that is eagerly awaited?

At the moment there are two major ‘updates’ being road tested, we have what is believed to be the Aventador S and on the other hand the Huracan Performante … both are just about ready to be unveiled, and with the video talking about the V12 engine we would think the Aventador S will be the first to be shown to the public.