Wheelsandmore aventador lp777-4 chocolate rabbioso - guide - 2012 lamborghini aventador

A lot of tuners have finished their brand new package for the latest and bravest Lamborghini, the Aventador LP700-4, some add some aerodynamic parts on the outside, some even work on the engine a bit, but most only put a different set of wheels under the current V12 flagship from Sant’Agata … and this latter is just what you would expect from a tuner calling himself WheelsandMore.

But you couldn’t be more wrong in this case, German based WheelsandMore didn’t just put some special wheels under this Chocolate brown Lamborghini Aventador but went to work on the engine too, and the result is just amazing … a power increase of more than 10% on a V12 that already delivered 700 hp isn’t that bad in my book.

Straight from the factory the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 already has a healthy 700 hp and 690nm of torque, which would be enough for most drivers out there, but after a small stay at WheelandMore in Baesweiler, Germany they claim you will have a phenomenal power of 777 hp available underneath your right foot, together with no less than 750nm of torque … more than enough to pull away first at the traffic lights I guess.

To achieve this power increase Wheelsandmore naturally had to modify the software running the engine, the ECU to be exact, but they also had to change the valve-controlled exhaust system and a new, carbon fiber airbox … resulting in a 11% percent power increase claim as we’ve mentioned above.

But just in case you are not sure you actually need 777 hp in your brand new Aventador, Wheelsandmore offer a more subdue option, output of ‘only’ 730 hp is available for less than €4,000 while the full monty will set you back nearly €15,000 … all figures exclude tax by the way … so why is there such a difference in price ? Simple, the latter option with 777 hp output includes the stainless steel exhaust system … which is hand built by Wheelsandmore, hence it is a time consuming process, and we all know ‘time is money’

It is always nice to have some extra power on tap, especially on the German highway where there are still stretches without speed limit (they are becoming rare these days, but they still exist) but with power should also come looks, and just to set the record straight, Wheelsandmore does not offer visual add-ons for the moment … but they do have some of the most amazing looking wheels in their catalogue.

6Sporz is the name of the custom wheels made by Wheelsandmore, they offer six spokes instead of the usual five or cross spoke design, and in case you are wondering they measure 9.5×20 inch up front and a massive 12,5×21 inch at the rear with Pirelli 255/30 20 and 355/25 21 avoiding the rims to touch the road, make no mistake, those 355 wide tires at the back are massive, and will probably set you back the price of a nice city car.

The choice of finish on these 6Sporz wheels is nearly unlimited, all kinds of shades are available, including carbon look, 24-Karat gold plating and even some famous Swarovski crystal can be used on the rims, the Ultralight version of these wheels come to a little of €11,000 … but it gets even better, there is also a 6Sporz Megalight edition.

The 6Sporz Megalight wheel is made from a real carbon fiber rim combined with a forged center, available in the same width and height as the Ultralight wheels … pricing is on request only, but I would suggest you are sitting down when you get the quote … it could be a bit steep.

The car on this page was initially called the ‘Rabbioso’ LP777-4 edition by WheelsandMore, loosely translated from Italian this means ‘angry’ … so the Aventador LP777-4 is one angry Raging Bull, but on the internet this car is now being called the Lamborghini Aventador Chocolate LP777-4 by WheelsandMore due to its strange, but to me nice looking chocolate brown paint job … a full respray is at least €5,000 in the Wheelsandmore workshop by the way.

So bottom line : with the extra power, the 6Sporz Ultralight wheels and a nice respray you are looking at an invoice of at least €31,000 before taxes which is about 10% of the price on the factory standard Aventador LP700-4 … pocket change for most Lamborghini customers I guess ?

The Mocha Brown shade on this specific Lamborghini Aventador LP777-4 Rabbioso can also be found on the rims, while the centers are finished in mat black, from the shots we can also determine the interior is using some warm brown shades too, so overall I for one really like this color combination … it might be an acquired taste for other I understand.

Wheelsandmore has added extra power, installed amazing looking wheels … but they haven’t finished yet, while you are reading this they are developing a full carbon fiber aerodynamics package to complete the looks of their Aventador Rabbioso … and if the looks of this brown digital render are any indication of their final product I’m sure it will be really good.