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With a limited production run of only 9 customer units, the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster will always remain a rare sight … priced at €3,300,000 (about US$4,500,000 back in late 2013 didn’t help making this a car to be used on the open road either.

By now all nine units have been sold, and one of the last ones, if not the very last one to be delivered to her lucky owner looks totally different from the 8 other Veneno Roadster. The previous Veneno Roadster we saw being delivered was already very special … finished in a matte carbon fiber with red details she looked absolutely breathtaking … this latest one looks … well, special.

In fact the owner requested most of the usual parts finished in clear carbon fiber (like the lower part of the front bumper, the side sills, the rear diffuser and that massive rear wing) to be painted in white, while most of the rest of the body received a beige tint … reminds us a little of a paint scheme seen on a Bugatti Veyron.

While the other Veneno come with a black alcantara interior combined with some colored piping and stitching … this white Veneno Roadster has a custom order white upholstery … the seats are completely white … or make that a light shade of beige, just like the panel behind the seats in fact … there is a lot of white going on inside and outside this very special Veneno Roadster.

And the personal touch doesn’t end yet … check out the wheels … usually the Veneno comes with glossy black rims, be it the Coupé or the Roadster, however this white Veneno Roadster has her wheels chromed … if the carbon fiber ring that is usually mounted onto these wheels has been painted white we don’t know, during transportation these rings are removed to avoid damage, so we’ll have to wait until this car gets spotted on the road to make sure the chromed wheels feature a white painted ring.

Many thanks to Leonardo Pace for these photo.