This Exclusive Widebody Lamborghini Countach By Liberty Walk Is A Purist Nightmare!

Redefining a Classic! Or Is It?

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Few names in automotive modification stir as much intrigue and controversy as Liberty Walk. The Japanese tuner, renowned for its audacious body kits and widebody conversions, has again taken the automotive world by storm. Following its polarizing rendition of a widebody Ferrari F40 last year, Liberty Walk returned to the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon with another iconoclastic masterpiece: a widebody Lamborghini Countach.

A Controversial Canvas

The Lamborghini Countach, an emblem of ’80s supercar design, has been reimagined by Liberty Walk with extensive modifications that challenge traditional sensibilities. The tuner’s approach could have been more subtle; the widebody kit adds a pronounced front splitter, boxy lower fascia, and rectangular mesh that covers the front openings, bestowing the car with an aggressively modern aesthetic. The addition of canards, broader lower sills, and a bespoke rear wing further exaggerate the Countach’s lines, diverging from its original silhouette.

Lamborghini Countach By Liberty Walk: Aesthetic Overhaul

Lamborghini countach by liberty walk

Liberty Walk’s craftsmanship shines through in the details. The side skirts flared wheel arches, and a chassis-mounted massive rear wing transforms the Countach’s profile. The vehicle sits on deep-dish Rohana Forged wheels, complemented by Toyo tires, enhancing its menacing stance. The rear end sees a significant transformation with a new diffuser, quad tailpipes, and flush-mounted taillights, deviating from the inset lamps of the stock model.

Performance and Customization

While Liberty Walk’s modifications primarily focus on aesthetics, there are hints at performance enhancements. The lowered suspension, unique wheel setup, and the possibility of an upgraded V12 engine suggest a blend of form and function. The tuner’s philosophy of “doing whatever we want” is evident in the lack of detailed performance descriptions, emphasizing the visual impact of their creations.

Availability and Reception

Lamborghini countach by liberty walk

Liberty Walk has made it clear that the parts used in this Countach build are available for purchase, allowing enthusiasts to recreate this bold look on their vehicles. However, pricing remains elusive, with the company adopting an “Ask” policy for potential buyers. The modification has undoubtedly divided opinions, with some appreciating the modern reinterpretation of a classic, while purists lament the departure from Countach’s original design ethos.

Our Take Of The Lamborghini Countach By Liberty Walk

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The widebody Lamborghini Countach by Liberty Walk is a sight to behold. The tuner has given a modern touch to this iconic classic, making it impossible to ignore. While the changes may not align with traditional views, they represent a bold expression of automotive art. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is commendable, and the visual impact is undeniable. However, for purists, the essence of the Countach lies in its original form, which makes Liberty Walk’s version a controversial yet intriguing interpretation. In the world of custom supercars, Liberty Walk’s Countach stands as a testament to the tuner’s unapologetic vision and the timeless appeal of automotive modification.

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Widebody Lamborghini Countach By Liberty Walk