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We’ve all seen the highly camouflaged test mule of a different looking Lamborghini Aventador being testing on the open road, a much more aggressive styling, a dual rear wing with a central strut first seen on the 2013 Lamborghini Veneno and a pair of high mounted exhausts at the rear … it is clear they are applying the lessons learned from the Huracan Performante with the active aerodynamic ALA onto their flagship next.

But will this new Aventador evolution be unveiled in about a week at the 2018 GIMS, or Geneva International Motor Show? Probably not I’m afraid …

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A lot of work, time and attention have been put into the Lamborghini Urus, we’ve seen the press photos, most journalists have been offered a spot behind the steering wheel, and private unveilings have been held at dealerships all over the world … but a real, public introduction for this high volume Raging Bull SUV hasn’t happened yet, so it is more than likely the Urus will take center stage in Geneva for 2018.

Keep in mind the volume this new Sports SUV has to sell in, makes it the most important new Lamborghini model in decades, the Urus will effectively double the current production numbers, so its importance should not be underestimated … Automobili Lamborghini SpA is planning to build up to 3,500 Urus each year … so keeping the focus on this model would make perfect sense for their marketing department.

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And remember there is yet another model that has been spotted a long time ago, and that hasn’t been officially introduced … the Huracan Performante Spyder … that’s right, the top of the line V10 model has been spotted with a soft top configuration several months ago … and you still can’t order one from your local dealership … so having the Spyder version of the Performante in Geneva next to the Urus would make be a great move for Lamborghini to counter the new Ferrari Pista that will also be premiering in Switzerland.

But back to that amazing looking Aventador test mule … rumor has it this model will be called the SVJ or SV Jota, but I wouldn’t mind if they call it the GT … remember the Diablo GT … making an Aventador GT with a similar philosophy could be a great marketing move … we’ve already seen the Aventador J and the Aventador SV, so why create an Aventador SVJ next.

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We can be sure the final Aventador evolution will be using ALA, Active Lamborghini Aerodynamics, just like the Huracan Performante, most likely the use of forged composite will make sure the Aventador SVJ is even lighter than the SV was, add a few horsepower … at least 770 like the Centenario (remember the SV had 750 hp just like the Veneno) and we might be seeing another record run in Germany.

A small chronology of Geneva unveils … the Aventador was introduced back in 2011, in 2012 we enjoyed the one of a kind Aventador J in Switzerland while 2013 marked the introduction of the limited edition Veneno. In 2014 the V10 Huracan took center stage but in 2015 the V12 was back with impressive Aventador Super Veloce while 2016 gave us another limited edition model, the Centenario, celebrating the 100th birthday of Ferruccio Lamborghini. In 2017 the ‘facelift’ was shown as the Aventador S … so I don’t think 2018 will be the year for the final evolution of the V12 flagship, not with the Urus and possibly the Huracan Performante Spyder still needing their public unveil …

So my guess would be that the Aventador SV Jota will not be introduced until the 2019 Geneva Motor Show so they can unveil an Aventador SVJ Roadster about six months later … and halt production of the Aventador by August 2020 to convert the assembly line for the Aventador successor (project LB634) to be shown at the 2021 Geneva Auto Show.