Will You Be Able To Buy A Share Of Lamborghini Soon

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A few weeks ago a rumor came to be widely published online … VW might be selling Bugatti to Rimac in a move to gain more experience with electric vehicles, and allow Rimac to build cars in larger volume, probably VW would keep a big part of the Bugatti shares, but still, this was a rumor that could make sense.

Think about this for a while … VAG, the big holding over VW and Audi will have to move more and more toward electric or at least hybrid cars as many countries are preparing to ban all non zero-emission cars from their cities, and specifically VW has a large portion of their lineup marketed at exactly that, city cars, and while Audi AG is more set into the larger, luxury cars, at least in Europe they have a large ‘company car’ market share too, mainly burning diesel.

So will that mean we won’t be having petrol or diesel-powered cars in the future anymore? While some environmentalists would love to see this, I think there will still be a part of the car-buying community that will keep those ‘old school’ petrol cars alive, but that doesn’t mean the biggest production numbers will be heading to hybrid and fully electric cars … and this is where Lamborghini might be getting into trouble.

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this and many more photos of lamborghinis are available on www. Lambocars. Com

Lamborghini is all about passion, and somehow a hybrid might just make it, but a fully electric Lamborghini might not be the best idea at this point, or anytime in the near future … perhaps the Urus SUV might get away with electric only power, but for the Huracan and Aventador successors the plan is to go with hybrid.

So the latest rumor floating around is Bentley will become part of Audi AG as a high-end luxury make who’s customers aren’t dead against electric models, but this would also mean Automobili Lamborghini SpA might be set free from the Audi AG influences and part sharing package … some sources even state Lamborghini to go public.

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this and many more photos of lamborghinis are available on www. Lambocars. Com

Most likely Audi AG will keep an important part of the shares, possibly even a controlling interest, but this also means everyone could invest in Lamborghini shares, so where does that leave Ducatti for instance, also part of Audi AG? Nothing is mentioned about that company at this time, and with Porsche already having a fully electric model in the range, their future is set already.

So if this would happen in the near future, would you buy shares in Automobili Lamborghini SpA?