World’s First Diesel Gallardo Looses Its V10 For Twin-turbo Cummins straight-six

The Gallardo swapped its stock V10 in favor of a twin turbo Cummins diesel mill

Videoscreenshot youtube texasmetalsloudandlifteds1e06cumminsdieselinalambo2004lamborghinigallardosherp 4006

Many view modifying a Lamborghini as audacious—after all, these luxury vehicles come well-equipped from the factory. However, 1 Way Diesel Performance‘ from Texas dared to challenge this notion, creating an automotive spectacle that no one could have predicted. A World’s first Cummins swapped diesel, Lamborghini Gallardo.

From rags to riches

From this..

Videoscreenshot youtube texasmetalsloudandlifteds1e06cumminsdieselinalambo2004lamborghinigallardosherp 4005
the car was severely damaged and was bought with missing parts


To this…

Videoscreenshot youtube texasmetalsloudandlifteds1e06cumminsdieselinalambo2004lamborghinigallardosherp 4001
the final version looks amazing with the orange paint scheme


The shiny 2004 Gallardo you see in the pictures was initially bound for the scrapyard, bought as a wrecked shell. Despite severe damages, the innovators at ‘1 Way Diesel Performance’ recognized an opportunity to craft a masterpiece from scratch. They breathed new life into the forsaken supercar, restoring the battered shell, fixing the frame, and replacing missing body panels.

Planting the massive heart

Videoscreenshot youtube texasmetalsloudandlifteds1e06cumminsdieselinalambo2004lamborghinigallardosherp 4221
the v10 unit was swapped with twin-turbo cummins diesel straight-six engine

The most formidable hurdle was fitting the massive twin-turbo Cummins diesel straight-six engine into the Gallardo’s engine bay, initially meant for a five-cylinder engine. The speed shop successfully transplanted the heart of a diesel beast into the Italian supercar by custom fabricating a new firewall. The flawless integration and clean finish witness the team’s engineering talent and innovation. It lost the additional space behind the seats but gained another 600 horses.

The revamped twin turbocharged Cummins diesel powerplant significantly outperforms the Gallardo’s stock output of 493 hp by producing an enormous 1100 horses while retaining the same six-speed gearbox from the original Gallardo. This impressive specification makes it a diesel enthusiast’s dream supercar.

Despite the bulky diesel engine, the Gallardo retains its agility unexpectedly. The six-speed gated manual transmission ensures engagement, even though the engine’s performance contrasts with the original V10. And yes, this Gallardo can roll coal—unique among Lamborghinis, except for their tractors.

Revamped interior sticks to the Gallardo spirit.

Videoscreenshot youtube texasmetalsloudandlifteds1e06cumminsdieselinalambo2004lamborghinigallardosherp 4126
the interior incorporates unique custom touches

The interior maintains Gallardo’s original spirit while incorporating custom touches. The team reimagined everything from the steering wheel to the seats, dashboard, and gauge cluster, ensuring minimal intrusion from the new firewall. The exterior also displays a variety of unique modifications. These include a complete widebody kit from ‘Liberty Walk’ (a Japanese automotive company known for its distinct and bold widebody kits for various car models), a large rear wing, 19-inch custom wheels, smoked taillights, and custom brake calipers bearing the ‘1 Way Diesel’ wordmark. It even boasts an air-ride suspension setup for a highly low-ride stance. While the practicality of this Gallardo as a daily driver is questionable, it’s guaranteed to draw attention wherever it goes.

Videoscreenshot youtube texasmetalsloudandlifteds1e06cumminsdieselinalambo2004lamborghinigallardosherp 4008
the massive rear wing complements the low stance of this vehicle

Purists may decry this engine swap as blasphemy, while others may hail it as a testament to mechanical ingenuity. Regardless of your perspective, the extraordinary craftsmanship, resourcefulness, and vision that gave rise to the world’s first Cummins-swapped diesel Lamborghini Gallardo cannot be denied.