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With the brand new Lamborghini V10 model being unveiled to VIP and customers in late January 2014 and a public unveil at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show the tension is going up on how this new Raging Bull will look like … considering it will have to succeed the most popular Lamborghini ever I’m sure they are trying their utmost best to get it right from the start.

Hence there have been lots of designers all over the world trying to guess how the new Lamborghini could look like, recently Dutch car magazine AutoWEEK published their latest impression created by Marco Van Overbeeke … still calling it the Cabrera while we are almost certain Stephan Winkelmann confirmed Automobili Lamborghini SpA will not be using that name for their new V10 model.

I actually rather like the front of this render, it looks aggressive … not so impressed by the rear to be honest, but the side air intake in front of the rear wheel looks plausible … almost like the one on the Murciélago in fact.

I’m sure the wheels will not be the Iperione units from the Aventador but Lamborghini will have a brand new innovative design ready by the time they release the new Lamborghini V10 model in 2014.

I have heard a lot of orders have already been signed for, so without even knowing how the new Lamborghini would look people have fait and put in the downpayment to secure an early delivery … they will receive the first actual photos of the V10 Lamborghini by the end of January 2014 but most of these customers will only be able to get a first glimpse of the real car in March 2014 at Geneva … first deliveries by July or August 2014.