Youtuber endurance driving challenge on rented Urus ends in Heartbreaks

A five old kid unfoirtunatly lost his life in the devastating incident

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On June 14th, a rented Lamborghini Urus in a Rome suburb tragically collided with a Smart ForFour car, resulting in the death of a five-year-old boy. The high-powered SUV hit the small vehicle carrying the child as part of a YouTube endurance challenge video, sparking widespread outcry and anger.

The horrifying incident unfolded on Casal Palocco, a road designated with a speed limit of 30km/h (18mph). The exact speed at which the Lamborghini traveled during the accident remains undisclosed by Italian authorities. Matteo Di Pietro, the leader of the YouTube channel ‘TheBorderline,’ was recoding a 50-hour continuous cruise challenge behind the wheel of a rented Urus.

The mother and four-year-old sister also occupied the Smart ForFour during the accident. Both sustained injuries but survived the collision. In contrast, despite the efforts of doctors at Grassi di Ostia, the young brother succumbed to his injuries.

It is not the first time a rented Lamborghini end up in a crash. Too often people renting this vehicle plan to make the most of their money. It is obviously very expensive to rent these vehicles and once you are being the wheel, the temptation to use them to their full potential is very strong. The problem is that it takes a while to get used to a new vehicle and it is never a good idea to push it to the limit on the first day. A few weeks ago an English driver ended up crashing his Huracan in a rather foulish way, by being plain wreckless with the car. Trying to stay behind the wheel for 50 hours sounds like a recipe for disaster even more when you are responsible for a 657 HP SUV from Lamborghini.


Public Outrage

The youtuber reportedly didn't stop filming after the tragic accident
the youtuber reportedly didn’t stop filming after the tragic accident

Public outrage amplified when it emerged that filming proceeded even after the shocking accident. A team member reportedly said, “Don’t worry, we’ll give a lot of money to the victim’s family and everything will be sorted.” ‘TheBorderline,’ a channel boasting over 600k subscribers and earning nearly €200,000 (around $218,000) last year from ad revenue, now faces the grim fallout of its reckless stunt. Previously sponsored by Sony, the channel confronts the tragic repercussions of a stunt gone wrong.

Chasing Fame and Fortune

The catastrophe starkly reminds us of the dark side of chasing youtube fame
the catastrophe starkly reminds us of the dark side of chasing youtube fame

This heartbreaking incident adds to the increasing scrutiny directed at YouTubers who incorporate supercars and risky stunts in their content. Unfortunately, viral fame and the pursuit of adrenaline-packed entertainment have resulted in serious incidents. Examples range from McSkillet’s deadly McLaren collision in 2018 (link to the video provided below) or Darius Dobre’s crash with a Lamborghini Huracan STO. Alarmingly, the number of such incidents involving YouTubers and supercars keeps escalating.

McSkillet’s deadly McLaren collision

Darius Dobre’s crash with a Lamborghini Huracan STO

The Call for Stricter Regulations

These incidents highlight the pressing need for stricter regulations and oversight in YouTube stardom and supercar culture. The escalating risk-taking in pursuit of viral fame, paired with the high-speed capabilities of these supercars, forms a lethal combination, as Manuel Proietti’s tragic and avoidable death evidence.

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s deputy prime minister, pledges to tighten the rules detailed in the highway code. He proposes a measure that would postpone the issuance of driving licenses for young individuals involved in violent incidents, despite the fact that the current minimum age to acquire a license is 18.

As the world grieves over a young life cut short and hopes for the injured’s recovery, the discussion regarding the irresponsible usage of social media influence for dangerous entertainment becomes more critical than ever. This catastrophe is a stark reminder of the YouTube fame chase’s dark side and the irreversible damage that can follow.