2013 Essen Motor Show

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Every year the Essen Motor Show is a very special, indoor event you just can’t miss if you are a car enthusiast like me, sure I look for Lamborghini at the show, but I can also admire the tuning and special other makes that are present during the week this event is happening.

Usually there are some really amazing customs on display like Rat Rods and totally custom built bikes for instance, or extreme low riders … some even based on modern cars, not only classic US models and most of the time I’m able to get one or more scale models to add to my collection while the 2013 edition of the Essen Motor Show didn’t disappoint when it came to Raging Bulls … both on display and for sale in fact.

On a large stand Klima Lounge had an impressive collection of classic and special Bulls for sale, ranging from the car that started the entire adventure for the late Ferruccio Lamborghini … the 350GT was the first production car made in Sant’Agata from 1964 on, the gold finished one in Essen was built a year later in fact, this 1965 model was looking showroom fresh with a stunning dark red leather interior and amazing looking brushed aluminum with wood rim steering wheel … price on request.

No less than two units of the later 400 GT 2+2 evolution were shown too, one finished in bright silver metallic while the other looked very stylish in her light blue dress … both pristine looking by the way. Also a duo of Lamborghini Espada were there, both the early Series I model with the typical Gandini styled hexagon dashboard unit only found on these Series I Espada … and once again these two V12 GT looked brand new.

Probably the most expensive Lamborghini at the 2013 Essen Motor Show was a Lime Green Miura … a 1967 P400S model in fact with the impressive V12 engine behind the seats and those massive front and rear ‘clips’ open to show the venerable chassis to the onlookers … again with a price on demand only, but we all know the Lamborghini Miura is demanding some serious money these days, and this perfect looking S model sure wouldn’t come cheap.

The final Raging Bull on that stand was a much more modern model, but a very special one in fact … how about a real race car? Check out the Blancpain Super Trofeo model they offered for sale, a 2009 model that was the championship car in the 2010 Blancpain Super Trofeo series and which was featured in the official 2011 factory made Lamborghini calendar … a real one of a kind car.

These were all factory specs Lamborghini, but the Essen Motor Show is all about custom and tuning, so a lot of highly modified cars were on display too, like a bright orange Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 rolling on a set of amazing looking ADV.1 wheels, or a wide body Lamborghini Gallardo with upward opening doors wearing an impressive chrome wrap and Q-Citura style stitching inside.

Or a matte black Lamborghini Gallardo from Team Ring Police complete with black and white police livery, another Gallardo showed a satin gold wrap and very nice looking custom wheels, while it was the first time I could admire the impressive Lamborghini Gallardo SE700 by Boxter that would later on evolve into the Gallardo SR66-2 built by Suhorovsky Design.

However some of the most impressive Lamborghini were still to come … how about a bright green Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera with a large compressor installed on the V10 engine ? Rothe uses a customized compressor to boost power from 570hp up to 780hp … and just in case you want even more power the same company can put two turbo chargers on this engine … power output rises to an even more impressive 1008hp.

And that still wasn’t the most powerful Lamborghini in Essen this year … a matte black Gallardo rolling on a set of some of the most amazing concave wheels even seen with a bright orange rim created by Praban took the title of the most hp on a Raging Bull … 1,500 hp in their ‘Rennsport’ Stage 3 edition … perhaps not really street legal, but stupendously impressive nonetheless.

To complete the number of Lamborghini present at the show let’s take a look at two unique cars … the Italdesign Giugiaro Parcour Concept was on display, both the red coupé and the white roadster version could be admired, both using a Lamborghini sourced V10 engine inside a styling that wouldn’t look too bad for an actual Sant’Agata made SUV model if you ask me.

Once again the Essen Motor Show didn’t disappoint … I can hardly wait to see what kind of art on wheels will be shown next time.