32 year old buys his fifth Lamborghini

Hard work pays off it seems, James Condon buys his fifth Lamborghini at only 32

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With a net worth of roughly $2,000,000 in 2021, at the age of 32, James Lucas Condon just bought his fifth Lamborghini … he also owns a Bugatti and he’s currently building a multi-million dollar house, you might say ‘he made it’, but there is another side to this story, according to a statement he made himself, it’s all about hard work and dedication … and to think about the fact that only a few years ago he was actually sleeping in his car, and old Audi TT that broke down … so what’s the story behind this success?

By now you probably have guessed we’re talking about TheStradman, one of the most famous automotive YouTube influencers in the world, with about 3.28 million subscribers at the moment of writing and a video catalog that goes back all the way to 2021 when James uploaded his first video to YouTube that is still online, on Jul 27, 2012, he launched a video called Ferrari Dino 246 GTS that shows 150,195 views, today he has almost 900 videos on YouTube and they each reach a million views easily … and he has come a long way over those nine years, during which he traveled the world and managed to go through an impressive array of cars, supercars, and even a hypercar.

If you’ve been keeping track of his car ownership you’ll notice it goes in just about any direction, at one time he had a Ford Focus RS in his garage, parked next to a Lamborghini V12, because why not, then he buys a brand new Corvette only to sell it at a profit a bit later, same with a black Ferrari Spyder for which he even bought a wide body kit … but he sold the car before he even had the wide fenders installed, as far as I know, he still owns that wide body kit today, but his first entry into supercar ownership was a Lamborghini … what else right?

By mid-2015 he was still driving a blue, ten-year-old Lotus Elise when he started shopping for his first supercar, 26 years old at the time, and finally, on Sep 29, 2015, he published the video of his first Lamborghini purchase, a 2006 Gallardo, manual gearbox, finished in Arancio Borealis with the optional Callisto wheels and glass engine cover, at that time with less than 10,000 miles on the counter he bought from Lamborghini Newport Beach with only one previous owner … priced at $110,000.

Shortly after being on a high for several months owning his Lamborghini Gallardo, James lost his job as an accountant, on April 1st, 2016 he was fired from his daytime job, things didn’t look too bright at that time, but James turned it around and started focussing on his YouTube channel on a permanent, full-time basis, and judging from what he did over the next five years, I would say he made the right decision, and through hard work, and keep pushing on, he became very successful and was able to expand his supercar ownership beyond his wildest dreams, with many amazing cars to join his Gallardo, which he never sold, and is even getting a twin-turbo conversion as we speak.

He wrapped the Gallardo in satin chrome purple first, then added a ski box on her, then changed the wrap to a kind of camouflage theme, all while adding thousands of miles on his V10, but that’s fine, at least he’s been enjoying his Lamborghini to the fullest for about a year and a half before he added a ‘daily driver’ to the garage, a Jeep Wrangler, in April 2017, but it would take James several more years to add a second Lamborghini to his collection, and he went for the kill by getting the ‘cheapest Lamborghini Aventador in the country’ he found at iLusso Exotics in Orange County for $240,105.

On November 6, 2018, TheStradman published the video on his first V12 Lamborghini, the stunning 2021 Aventador LP700-4 finished in Arancio Argos over a two-tone orange and black leather interior, he then owned two Lamborghini already, at the age of 29 (James is born on May 7, 1989, by the way), only two months later the Aventador got wrapped in his trademark satin purple, and started modifying his V12 considerably over the next year or two, including a $12,000 exhaust, white wheels, a carbon fiber front hood, and an aero kit.

TheStradman even tried to get an allocation for the Ford GT, but unfortunately, he didn’t get on the list, but got a Toyota Supra, installed a widebody kit on it, and wrapped it purple, just to showcase his “Purple Army” at the 2019 SEMA show, the Lamborghini Aventador, the Toyota Supra, and the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, the latter being almost finished from a conversion to a 6×6, but it appears he couldn’t get the Ford GT idea out if his mind, so he bought a 2005 model in Hawaii.

James has a habit of buying and selling most of his cars rather quickly, but his first supercar, the Lamborghini Gallardo, and his first V12, the Lamborghini Aventador seem to be sticking around, even when he could have used the money from parting with them to fund his 2008 Bugatti Veyron he added to the collection in August 2020, arguably the most valuable car he bought … and guess what … while the car was wrapped in a nice white and black scheme, he still wrapped it purple to match his other cars, complete with white wheels.

And then things got into a rush it seems, only a few months later, in late October 2020 he added a second V12 Lamborghini to his collection, and while James had been talking about a Countach and a Murciélago all the time in his videos, turned out he added a 2016 Aventador Roadster, but not just a regular Roadster, but the satin white Pirelli Edition version, and if you thought his purple Aventador LP700-4 coupe was wild … sit down for this one … TheStradman took this beautiful Aventador Roadster Pirelli Edition and added a $60,000 LB-Works Limited widebody kit to it, only to repaint the entire car in Rosso Acanthus … a $10,000 paint job on its own.

And James, aka TheStradman, didn’t slow down for 2021 either, oh no … he sold and bought several more cars along the way, only to get another one of his dream cars from Sant’Agata added to the garage … the very limited production Lamborghini Murciélago 40th Anniversary finished in the stunning Verde Artemis, a car that took him several months to import into the USA from Canada, but it finally arrived on his YouTube channel on June 15, 2021:

So with four amazing-looking Lamborghinis in the garage next to a purple-wrapped Bugatti Veyron you might think James is taking a step back and tries to get his bank account back in check … right? Nope, wrong … only four days later he goes out and buys his fifth Lamborghini, this time a white 2019 Urus from Post Malone. Just imagine what he might do to this Super SUV from Sant’Agata? A lift kit, or another 6×6 conversion … or how about a Mansory Venatus conversion … no matter what we might think, I’m sure TheStradman is already planning his modifications on the Urus, I don’t think he will mod the Murciélago, but that Urus is in for some harsh moments in the coming months if you ask me.

So at the age of only 32 years old, James Condon, aka TheStradman has amassed an amazing collection of cars, next to these 5 Lamborghini he still owns the Bugatti Veyron, a white Ford Raptor Shelby edition, a blue Corvette, a Nissan GTR he’s also having converted into a widebody before adding a lot of power to create a ‘Bug Killer’ as he puts it, and let’s not forget his Jeep Gladiator with Hellcat engine swap and 6×6 conversion … oh yeah, there is also a Tesla hiding in his storage at the moment … I might have missed one but you’ll have to admit, it’s pretty impressive what he managed to do over the last six years on YouTube.

Make sure you check out his channel and watch some of his videos: TheStradman