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From Friday, May 9 2003 until Sunday, May 11 2003 a magnificent event will be organized at and around the factory at Sant’Agata.

The celebration of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the company will be held in Italy, during this event the new entry-level Lamborghini model, still named the L140 prototype should be introduced to the lucky people present at the celebration.

According to the official Lamborghini clubs, the number of entrants will be limited and they need to be subscribed in advance by an official, authorized Lamborghini club, so non-members should have a hard time getting in or around the factory during that weekend.

This preliminary overview of the proposed events has recently been communicated to the official clubs :



The birth of an Italian brand which, over a 40-year period, has risen from a small, local but high-quality sports car manufacturer to an international luxury sports car icon.
40 years of veritable history of daring, combative and aggressive design.
40 years of development of ever-improving, uncompromising and cutting-edge technology.
40 years of unswerving dedication of Lamborghini staff, car owners and enthusiasts.
Taurus, the star under which Ferruccio Lamborghini was born.
40 years of the charging bull that is Lamborghini.
To pay homage to the man Ferruccio Lamborghini and his drive, unswerving dedication and belief in creating a myth by :
Creating and increasing media interest in Lamborghini’s history and its products, past and present.
Creating and increasing media interest in the village Sant’Agata. To create a Lamborghini ‘village’ in the same way that Maranello is for Ferrari.
To widen knowledge of the brand in an international context, but more specifically in Italy.
To christen the birth of a new era for Lamborghini with the L140 by introducing a second product in the existing product range.
To prove that despite many hurdles, Lamborghini remain at the cutting edge of technology and design and continues to produce one of the most desired cars in the world.
Friday, May 9, 2003
Morning : Arrival in Italy
Afternoon : Organized visit e.g., Ducati Motorcycle Factory, a vineyard, Etruscan Archaeological Museum in Marzaboto, Modena Vinegar Cellar
Evening : Club Organized Dinner
Saturday, May 10, 2003
9:00 – 15:30 Program A – Adria (Verona) Race Circuit – track parade, Artmarcha presence, races
Program B – Guided visit to Ferrara, Paiazzo dei Dianaoti, shopping
18:00 Welcome Aperitif at the Sant’Agata Lamborghini Factory
19:00 Visit the L-140 Assembly Line
20:00 Dinner
Historic Video Footage of all films, music videos and computer games where a Lamborghini has featured.
Video Footage of film provided by Club Members.
22:30 Toast and Speech by Doctor Greco.
23:00 End of event.
Sunday, May 11, 2003
10:00 Lamborghini Rally – Bologna Historical Centre.
12:30 No stop and return to Sant’Agata.
13:00 Sant’Agata Village Lamborghini Celebrations & lunch.
16:00 End of Event.
Please note :
all of the above event information is subject to change and Automobili Lamborghini reserves the right to change its contents at any time.