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A very cryptic teaser image has been released by Autombili Lamborghini just two weeks ahead of the Paris 2014 Mondial de L’Automobile … ‘Once perfection is achieved, you can only double it’, while showing a stylish drawing of a model we can’t really place at the moment.

It sure isn’t an Aventador profile, the lower window line is completely wrong while the roof design doesn’t look like the V12 flagship model either, neither does it look like a Huracán, or even a V10 Spyder … the design seems to be showing an air intake in front of the rear wheels, which could mean we are looking at a mid-engine model and not a possible front engine four-seater as an evolution of the Estoque, which was also shown in Paris, but back in 2008.

What it does look like however is an evolution of the Miura Concept shown back in 2006 at the NAIAS in the United States, remember many still consider the game changing Lamborghini Miura from the Sixties as one of the most beautiful, perfect Raging Bulls ever … so the phrase ‘Once perfection is achieved, you can only double it’ might as well mean Lamborghini is releasing a 2015 edition of the legendary, sensual looking Miura.

Naturally this is all speculation at this moment, as usual Automobili Lamborghini SpA won’t release any details before the night preceding the official press conference in Paris, Hall 4 at 9:50 … perhaps we’ll be seeing a few more teaser shots, but even that is highly unlikely … so we’ll have to wait until October 2nd to see which perfection Lamborghini will be doubling.