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The Lamborghini Countach has become a seriously collectible classic super car over the years, especially the original LP400 narrow body is a highly sought after model these days … in good condition she demands a serious investment to acquire, in fact back in those days several have been converted to S looks … today these are being put back to factory original specs because the narrow Countach LP400 is more valuable.

Later on Lamborghini released the Countach LP400S after famous F1 team boss Walter Wolf requested a series of modified Countach models with large wheels, a massive adjustable rear wing and wheel arch extensions to cover the wide Pirelli P7 tires on expensive Campagnola wheels … an engine displacement increase to 5-Liter created the Countach LP500S while the Quattrovalvole became the ultimate Countach in the mid-Eighties … to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of Automobili Lamborghini SpA a more refined, aerodynamic evolution became the Countach 25th Anniversary or the Celebrations Countach back in 1988.

Buying either an LP400 or a Quattrovalvole/25th Anniversary will require a substantial bank account … or you go for a replica instead … over the years several rather decent look-alikes have been around, Euroworks was one of the better replica suppliers together with Prova, in fact you could order a Prova Lamborghini Countach kit complete with correct tubular chassis back then … so when this owner wanted to do something special he sourced an original Prova Countach and started transforming it into his very special ProStreet Lamborghini.

Originally the car was bright red, rolling on some very ‘deep dish’ wheels and featured a large rear wing … but something didn’t look right: there was the stunning ‘periscopa’ in the roof together with a Quattrovalvole engine cover … those two were never available on the same Countach, the ‘Periscopa’ was present on the original LP400 and was in fact used for the interior rear view mirror … some very early LP400S also showed this indent in the roof, but later on the roof was smoothed out … long before the QV came around in the Eighties.

So what did he do to create a one of a kind ProStreet Lamborghini? For one he installed a massive Big Block 454 V8 engine from Chevrolet … but that just wasn’t enough yet … so he went on to fit a 8-71 Blower, Dart Aluminum Heads, Manley Stainless steel valves, Billet 2 key Crank, eagle H beam Rods with L19 bolts, 7.5 to 1 Forged blower pistons, Comp Blower Cam, 2 Holley 850 Double Pumper carburetors and a total of  3 radiators to cool this big block monster (one big one in the front and 1 aluminum radiator in each rear quarter panel).

In the end the new V8 engine puts down an estimated 900hp on the wide rear wheels, which have been replaced by 25th Anniversary replica units … keep in mind the original Countach Quattrovalvole V12 engine would ‘only’ deliver 455hp … this ProStreet Lamborghini almost doubles that figure.

All that power has to be able to reach those wide rear wheels, so a TH425 Switch plate transmission is mounted, going fast is one thing … being able to stop those 900 horses in safety comes courtesy of a set of 11.75 inch 4 piston disk brakes derived from a Corvette … suspension uses the well-known Koni dampers with coil overs.

I’m  not sure if they are for show only, but on a drag strip I’m sure those impressive wheelie bars at the rear can be a good idea … and just in case those disk brakes get a hard time trying to stop this car there is also a parachute mounted on the rear fascia between the taillights … on top of the rear just behind that massive ‘Blower’ engine sits a rear wing complete with end plates … and a second wing is fitted at the front … all very nice in fact.

So this isn’t a real Lamborghini Countach … but that doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting to see what can be done with some imagination … just think about it: putting two superchargers on top of the V12 engine … oh yeah … it has been done before … check out this Countach LP400S with Vortech charger.