2021 mansory cabrera 1
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2021 mansory cabrera 2
in may 2020, renowned mansory unveiled something special to celebrate their 30th anniversary,  a complete conversion based on the lamborghini aventador svj, with a totally different body design, including bespoke mansory headlights … called the cabrera, only three would be made, one for each decade since the start of the company in 1989 by kourosh mansory.

We have discussed the Mansory Cabrera when it was unveiled in 2020, and already mentioned the name comes from another famous breed of fighting bulls, a name that was rumored to be used for the Gallardo successor, which turned out to become the Huracán, so Mansory took the Cabrera title for their flagship V12 model.

The Mansory Cabrera takes an already limited edition Lamborghini Aventador SVJ coupe (one of only 800) and creates an intricate, aerodynamic, carbon fiber masterpiece, with an even larger rear wing, a vertical fin we’ve seen on the latest Huracán STO, and a very aggressive rear diffuser, which pushes the quad-exhaust even further up compared to the base car.

But probably the most intriguing modification by Mansory are the headlights, for the first time they replaced the lights at the front of an Aventador modification, and combined with the newly styled front bumper, which includes LED driving lights, and an aerodynamic front hood … the Mansory Cabrera boasts a totally different look compared to the Aventador SVJ.

2021 mansory cabrera 3

And things continue on the inside, Mansory actually redesigns the carbon-fiber lightweight Lamborghini seats, especially the seat cushion is radically altered, and the new stitching pattern, and embossed Alcantara really make the Mansory Cabrera something different from a factory original Aventador SVJ.

Initially, the Mansory Cabrera was shown in a dark green finish, with green accents and stitching on the interior, but now Mansory shows a matt gunmetal finished car with orange touches … is this the second of only three Cabrera, or is the same car they just repainted? The strange thing is that the interior shot, now showing orange parts on the seats is an exact duplicate of the original press photo that shows green sections … did Mansory just do a recolor in PhotoShop?

Whichever is the case, I actually prefer this Mansory Cabrera in matt gunmetal finish with the orange livery, I think it looks even more menacing than the original green finish … and if it’s a second car or just the first one they repainted … bottom line is there will only be three of these full Aventador SVJ conversions in the world, and with 810 hp from the rebuilt V12 engine, I think there is a market for these … just imagine if Mansory would do a one-off Cabrera Roadster next?