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Kourosh Mansory founded his company back in 1989, being devoted to tradition, handcrafting and technology, he mainly focused on Rolls Royce, Bentley and, Aston Martin at that time. In 2001 he moved the main office from Munich, Germany to Brand in the Fichtelgebirge in northeastern Bavaria while in 2008 Mansory Switzerland AG was founded, taking over the tuning scene from Rinspeed AG to add Porsche to their lineup while in 2009 AEV-Automotive GmbH became part of the Mansory Group to include interior design to the portfolio.

Today Mansory can customize just about any make, and create automotive dreams for their high-worth customers, modifying cars from Ferrari, McLaren, Range Rover, Lotus, BMW, Mercedes … and let’s not forget our pride and joy … Lamborghini.

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Only one year after the introduction of the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 at the 2011 Geneva show, Mansory was the first to show a complete tuning package for the new V12 flagship from Sant’Agata, while the Italian automaker showed the Aventador J on their stand, Mansory had their first Raging Bull on display simply called the Mansory Aventador finished in a similar-looking dark red metallic shade.

One year later, at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, this German car manufacturer (they are an official car maker) came up with their first complete car conversion, taking the Aventador and installing a completely in-house made clear carbon fiber body over it … and add a few turbochargers to the engine while creating a totally custom interior … the Mansory Carbonado LP1250 was presented.

Only 6 of these Carbonado LP1250 would be built, priced at €900,000 each (which is less than one-third of the price of the Lamborghini Veneno presented at the same Geneva show), and just in case you prefer going topless, Mansory released the Apertos on the IAA show in Frankfurt later that year which is considered to be the roadster version of the Carbonado, but only three of these open-top versions would be made, at €1,200,000 … in case you’re wondering.

And things got even better … to keep improving and creating new and interesting cars for their customers, Mansory showed the Carbonado GT Stealth Edition at the 2014 GMS, this time partly painted and with an engine that delivers no less than 1,600 hp !

In 2020 Mansory is celebrating its 30th anniversary, so they created something really special using the current V12 flagship model from Sant’Agata as a basis … the Mansory Cabrera, a coupe which will be built only 3 times, one car for each decade of existence of the company.

Next to Muira and Gallardo, the Cabrera is another very important breed of bulls, a name that was rumored to be used for the Gallardo successor in fact, until they went with Huracán in Italy, leaving Mansory to claim the Cabrera name for their celebration model.

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As usual, Mansory replaced just about every outside panel on the base car with their own, in-house made carbon fiber panels, and naturally with a different design to create an even more aggressively styled car in the end. Especially at the front, we see an important difference … Mansory replaces the original headlights with a design of their own, featuring four individual LED lights exclusively developed that resemble the ‘Le Mansory’ … they totally change the appearance of this super sport car.

Besides looks, the engine has been taken apart and rebuilt by Mansory, no turbocharging this time it seems as they claim a power output of 810 hp (780 Nm) in the press release … but just look at how the thundering sound is released onto the world … by a quartet of round exhausts mounted even higher up, between the taillights, above a newly designed rear diffuser.

Mansory offers a choice of wheels for their Cabrera, on one side Veneno Raze 7 style wheel while on the other side a set of forged light-alloy wheels in a 5 spoke Y design, 9×20 inch at the front and 13×21 inch at the rear with Pirelli P Zero tires 255/30SR20 and 355/25ZR21 respectively … naturally with a central-locking bolt in both cases.

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We wouldn’t be looking at a complete Mansory conversion without a stunning interior, in case of the Cabrera, we find black Alcantara combined with lots of bespoke carbon fiber in their typical B2 Bomber look and Vento Verde (green) details color-coded to the exterior finish of this carbon fiber show car.

If Mansory will also be building a Cabrera Apertos, a Roadster version isn’t mentioned yet, but if there is a demand from customers, I’m sure Kourosh Mansory will be happy to comply.