Adan Canto Car Collection Exudes An Alluring Charm With Subtle Elegance.

The Mexican actor famous for his part in "Cleaning Lady" has recently passed away

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Adán Canto is a distinguished Mexican-American actor, director, and producer widely recognized for his portrayal of Sunspot in the 2014 movie ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past.’ He has also gained acclaim for his performance as Paul Torres in the Fox TV series ‘The Following.’

Adan boasts a remarkable collection of cars that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Today, we’ll explore his impressive array of vehicles in detail.

Update: The recent news about Canto’s passing has left us deeply saddened and shocked. Reports indicate that Adan Canto died on January 8, 2024, at 42 years old, due to appendiceal cancer.

Adan Canto Car Collection list

Car Model Price (Approx)
Lexus LX470 $67,945
Mercedes Benz GL-Class $87,000
BMW X5 $66,195

Who Is Adan Canto?

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image source: adancanto / instagram

Adan Canto, who entered the world in December 1981 in Mexico, became a celebrated actor known for his diverse roles in movies and television. His notable performances include the character Sunspot in the 2014 blockbuster “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” as well as significant roles in TV series like “The Following” (as Paul Torres), “Blood & Oil” (as AJ Menedez), “Narcos” (as Rodrigo Lara Bonilla), and “Designated Survivor” (as Aaron Shore). Additionally, Canto was featured in the Fox series “The Cleaning Lady.”

Born to a dentist, a father, and a mother who was both a homemaker and singer in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico, Canto spent his childhood frequently traveling between Mexico and Texas for his education. He nurtured a deep love for music from an early age, performing publicly from age seven and embracing Mexican music’s rich traditions.

Canto’s breakthrough in American television came in 2013 with his portrayal of Paul Torres in Fox’s drama “The Following,” during its first season. His career trajectory continued to rise as he landed the role of Sunspot in “X-Men: Days of Future Past” in 2014, the same year he joined the cast of ABC’s “Mixology.”

His momentum didn’t stop there; he was featured in the Amazon pilot “Hysteria” and appeared in “The Curse of the Fuentes Women” on NBC.

The year 2015 saw Canto step into the role of AJ Menendez in the ABC series “Blood & Oil.” He furthered his television career with roles in Fox’s “Second Chance” and a guest spot in ShondaLand’s “The Catch.”

In 2016, Canto was cast in the ABC political drama “Designated Survivor” as Aaron Shore, where he initially played the role of White House Deputy Chief of Staff, eventually becoming Chief of Staff. This show gained such popularity that Netflix renewed it for a third season, released in June 2019.

Canto collaborated with Halle Berry in 2019 on her directorial debut, “Bruised.” He founded Canto House Pictures 2013, directing award-winning short films like “Before Tomorrow” and “The Shot.” At the time of his passing, he was actively developing various film and TV projects.

In early 2020, Canto joined the cast of the FOX series “The Cleaning Lady” as mobster Arman Morales, contributing to two seasons of the show. His health issues delayed his return for a third season, but he had plans to resume his role before his untimely demise.

What Is Adan Canto’s Net Worth?

According to, Adan Canto has a net worth of $4 million.

Real Estate: In 2005, Adan paid $1.5 million for a home in the Hollywood Hills. The seller was actress Mary Stuart Masterson. He listed this home for sale in June 2021 for $2.2 million.

Adan Canto Car Collection

Lexus Lx 470

Adan canto car collection
image source: youtube

Although there are no publicly available images or videos of Adan Canto driving his Lexus, several online reports suggest he owned this full-size SUV.

The Lexus LX470 is a luxurious full-size SUV that combines off-road capability with refined on-road manners. Under the hood, the LX470 is powered by a robust 4.7-liter V8 engine, a testament to Lexus’s cLexus’snt to performance and reliability. This engine can produce a commendable 268 horsepower and 328 lb-ft of torque, offering a smooth yet potent driving experience.

The powertrain is coupled with a sophisticated five-speed automatic transmission, ensuring smooth gear shifts and efficient power delivery. Additionally, the full-time four-wheel drive system of the LX470 enhances its off-road prowess, making it a vehicle capable of being driven in various conditions. With impressive power and torque figures, the Lexus LX470 stands out as a versatile and powerful SUV, perfect for those who demand luxury without compromising performance.

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

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image source: youtube

Besides owning the Lexus LX470, Adan also owns a Mercedes Benz GL Class. The GL Class is a symbol of luxury and performance and offers a range of engine options designed to cater to various preferences, each delivering remarkable power and torque figures. Among the choices, a robust V6 engine, known for its efficiency and smooth operation, produces upwards of 300 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque. For those seeking more power, the GL Class also includes a V8 option, elevating the driving experience with around 450 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque, showcasing the vehicle for acceleration and cruising.

Additionally, Mercedes-Benz offers a high-performance AMG variant, which houses a more powerful V8 engine. This engine is a testament to engineering excellence, delivering a staggering 550 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque, turning the GL Class into a powerhouse that combines luxury with sports car-like performance.

All engines are mated to a sophisticated 7-speed automatic transmission, known for its smooth shifts and responsiveness. This transmission enhances the driving experience by providing seamless power delivery and optimal gear ratios for different driving conditions. It also features a manual mode, allowing drivers to take more control over the driving dynamics.

The combination of these advanced engines, refined transmission, and luxurious amenities explain why the Mercedes-Benz GL Class is a popular choice among celebrities. It offers a perfect blend of power, elegance, and advanced technology, making it more than just a mode of transportation but a statement of success and style.


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image source: youtube

The X5 is the third SUV in Adan Canto’s car collection. The BMW X5’s popularity stems from its size, drivability, luxury features, and brand reputation. As a mid-size luxury SUV, the X5 offers a spacious interior with high-quality materials and advanced technology, making it appealing for families and individuals seeking comfort and practicality. Its drivability is another significant factor; BMW is known for engineering vehicles with engaging driving dynamics, and the X5 is no exception. It balances power, handling, and ride comfort, making it suitable for city driving and longer journeys. For celebrities, the appeal of the BMW X5 is often linked to its blend of luxury, style, and the prestige associated with the BMW brand.

Under the hood, the X5 offers a range of engine options, including a turbocharged inline-6, a potent V8, and a plug-in hybrid variant for those seeking efficiency without sacrificing power. The power figures vary depending on the model; for instance, the inline-6 might produce around 335 horsepower, while the V8 can offer upwards of 523 horsepower.

The transmission in the X5 is typically an 8-speed automatic, known for its smooth and quick shifts, contributing to a dynamic driving experience. This transmission is also adept at optimizing fuel efficiency and performance.

Adan Canto’s Cause Of Death

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image source: adancanto / instagram

Actor Adam Canto passed away from appendiceal cancer on January 8, 2024, at 42 years old. The following day, his family shared this news with the media.

Title image source: Adan Canto / Facebook

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