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If you like fine art and exotic automobiles the weekend during which Art Basel is held must surely be the place to be for you … this show for modern and contemporary artists happens three times a year in Miami, Basel and Hong Kong … and when the canvas are a Lamborghini Huracan and a Lamborghini Aventador we just have to take a closer look at them.

For the Miami event, held from December 4 to December 7 2014, two renowned artists turned the already exotic Raging Bulls into a real work of art on wheels … Rich B Caliente took on a brand new Huracan while Alex Mijares used a pristine Aventador for his creation.

The Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 is a brand new V10 Bull this is just been delivered to customers all over the world, and already we’ve seen several of them being personalized with custom wheels and even complete aerodynamic packages (like the DMC Affari for instance) … but now the time has come to convert this Nero Nemesis finished V10 into an art car by the hand of Rich B Caliente.

Rich B Caliente is no stranger when it comes to creating special art on car, he mastered the first 23k gold calipers and created an unique wrap for an Aventador owned by Lebron James … for the 2014 Art Basel event in Miami he turned a Huracan into a Blck Skullz edition with red details, high gloss intakes and rolling on a set of Vossen wheels … naturally the art work at the front draws a lot of attention, but also note the faux leather wrap on the outside and Rich B Caliente’s signature on the Bull.

This time Caliente didn’t change the entire car like he usually does, for the Huracan he kept it simple but very striking while King Saladeen (Raheem Saladeen Johnson) wa asked by Precision Concierge New York to put his original graffiti on the front and inside the side sills of the Bull before it went on display at Lou La Vie.

For Alex Mijares this Art Basel was a home run, being a resident of Miami he didn’t have to travel far to turn a yellow Lamborghini Aventador supplied by Elite Lifestyle into an art car by applying black paint onto the pristine Italian canvas … the lines he applied remind us of the classic stained glass panels we find all over the world. Note that Alex didn’t even have a sketch ready before he ‘attacked’ this Bull.

This yellow Aventador wasn’t Alex Mijares first encounter with the Raging Bull make … remember he also painted this trademark black lines onto a blue metallic Gallardo before.

If you like it or not, art is an acquired taste, and I’m sure many people will really love these two Raging Bull art cars … if only for being unique and one of a kind … the original article on Autofluence shows other makes too that have been turned into art car.