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Early May 2015 was the perfect moment for the leading UK magazine Auto Italia to hold the 30th anniversary of their Italian Car Event at the Brooklands museum venue … Auto Italia 2015 was again a big success for those that love cars and motorbikes in the UK.

This year the event was sponsored by Hoyle-Fox, which happens to be a Ferrari specialist in the UK, but nonetheless the number of Lamborghini that showed up was impressive, and some really special cars were to be found on display during the event.

The best thing about events like this UK edition of Auto Italia is the fact you get a peak into the history of makes like Lamborghini, while in London for instance you’ll only see the more modern Bulls on the open road during Auto Italia you are bound to admire some of the more classic models, the type of cars the late Ferruccio Lamborghini intended to build when he founded the company back in 1963.

Cars like the amazing looking blue Lamborghini Islero, a classic front engine V12 model from the late Sixties … this UK registered car did have the steering wheel on the left however. Two of the large Lamborghini Espada were present too, often called the Italian Rolls Royce (I wouldn’t mention that in the UK however, with RR just around the corner…) the bright blue metallic four seater V12 was in fact an early Series II model, already with the new dashboard but still on the S1 knock-off wheels, while the red Espada was a more recent Series III model with the third iteration of the Espada dashboard design.

The Espada brought us into the Seventies, which brings us to a perfect looking Lamborghini Silhouette finished in red over a black interior … no leather on this rare V8 yet, but this was in fact the first production car from Sant’Agata that could be driven with the top down … actually with the roof panel removed leaving the roll over bar behind the seats in place.

Years later the Silhouette would evolve into the Jalpa … an early unit in black over an amazing looking red leather interior was shown in Brooklands, complete with gold painted wheels that were very popular back in the Eighties and massive rear wing taken from her V12 counterpart at that time … the famous Countach.

There was also a Countach present at Auto Italia in Brooklands, the popular red paint contrasted nicely with the white leather upholstery hiding behind the Lamborghini trademark style opening doors … the Countach introduced the upward opening doors that have made Lamborghini famous back in the Seventies and are still being used on the current flagship, the Aventador … and while the black Jalpa had the large rear wing installed this red Countach was shown without the large wing.

With Lamborghini introducing the impressive Aventador Superveloce this year it was really nice to see a nice, yellow Diablo SV at this event, complete with the large air intakes peaking above the roof, the large color coded rear wing and naturally those stylish ‘SV’ decals on the side … probably the largest we’ll ever see on a Lamborghini.

The next evolution in the Lamborghini V12 range was the completely new Murciélago introduced back in 2001 to replace the Diablo … a bright green Murciélago was shown in Brooklands, with custom painted wheels to match the amazing Verde Ithaca painted bodywork … a shade that became very popular on the Raging Bulls ever since Lamborghini used this shade on their demo car for the Murciélago range.

It would take Lamborghini 10 years to replace the Murciélago with the new Aventador LP700-4 in 2011, the new flagship became an instant hit and about 4,000 units were sold over a period of 4 years, at least two of them were on show during Auto Italia … a very nice black one on gold finished Dione wheels and an even more impressive black one on black Iperione wheels with red brake calipers … what made the latter one more interesting was the fact the owner combined matte black with glossy black sections for a very nice result.

With the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 taking over the Gallardo reign in 2014 it was no surprise a few units of this new V10 made it to Auto Italia too, the owner of a bright Arancio Borealis Huracan had the great idea to park his new model next to a Gallardo LP560-4 … finished in the same Arancio Borealis shade … so comparing the ‘old’ with the ‘new’ V10 became a whole lot easier this way … and it must be said, that ‘old’ Gallardo still looks great today.

A second Huracan at the event was ordered in a new dark grey metallic paint, with the glossy black wheels and red brake calipers she sure drew some attention too.

Thanks to Dave Watkinson we can share some photos of this amazing event in the UK.