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Auto Moto Italia is a well known event in the Netherlands, people from all over Europe come down to Houten every year to meet owners and enthusiasts of Italian made cars and bikes, swap parts and stories and generally have a great time talking about what they have been working on for years and finally were able to get that last elusive part they needed to complete their project.

If you are looking for parts on your restoration project, or you would like to find a scale car of your actual car you’ll have a good chance of finding it in Houten during Auto-Moto-Italia, there are a multitude of stands offering just about every item you might be looking for, even an original factory brochure from back in the good old days when you car left the factory doors in Italy is possible, several people are offering them for sale today. There was even a stand with detailed 3D plans for just about every Italian car ever made, including exotics like Ferrari, Maserati and naturally Lamborghini. He even offered a nice cutaway drawing of the 350 GTV prototype, and detailed plans for the Countach 25th Anniversary.

Talking about the Countach, there was a really nice example of this Anniversario edition on display, finished in dark red metallic over a tan leather interior, a nice combination. Next to it they parked a silver metallic Diablo, while on the other side an amazing Espada Series III and an early 350 GT were shown, all milestones in the history of Automobili Lamborghini SpA. In another hall you could admire a rather special yellow Diablo, the interior was a combination of yellow and blue leather, different to say the least, while a bit further on a really nice red Urraco S was parked, it looked like it had just left the factory gates in Sant’Agata only yesterday, sitting on gold painted wheels with a black interior it was just gorgeous.

Naturally the main attraction for us Raging Bull enthusiast was the Lamborghini Club Nederland stand, they had three amazing cars on display, but what was even better, it showed the Italian flag : a green Gallardo Spyder, a white Murciélago Roadster and a classic red Jalpa … all convertibles by the way ! The Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster is an amazing looking car, no matter what angle you look at it, open the two doors and the engine cover and you draw a crowd on the spot.

Again a great event to end the season, most cars go into their winter sleep after this, can’t wait to see some of these amazing cars and their owners again next year …