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A new book telling the Italian car manufacturer’s story

Automobili Lamborghini, a book about Lamborghini and its history, is launched by Mondadori Multicenter today, Friday 18, in Milan.

The book, edited by Electa and part of its Industry and Design series, illustrates an Italian story of world-wide success using material from the manufacturer?s historical archives.

Lamborghini’s story is described through images and by journalist Decio G.R.
Carugati, narrating the past, present and future story of the car manufacturer and its products.

Lamborghini’s legendary super sportscars, born out of genial Italian creativity: the story starts in 1963, thanks to Ferruccio Lamborghini’s passion for race cars. The brand’s uncompromising and extreme character is apparent from the 350 GTV, introduced at the Turin Motor Show that year, through the Diablo to the current Gallardo and Murciélago range.

“Lamborghini explores and pushes automotive boundaries further,” says Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. “Every Lamborghini model is inspired by that principle whilst remaining true to its Italian spirit.

Designated after breeds of fighting bulls, the cars’ names are evocative of their strength and power and thus a dynamic and decisive approach to driving: Lamborghini cars excel in both design and performance.

Since the ’60s, Lamborghini’s passion for engines and performance, together with the contribution of celebrated car designers, has been supported by investment in research and development. Acquired by Audi in 1998, Lamborghini has continued to uphold its prestigious tradition whilst embracing modern automotive challenges.

The book is on sale now priced 80 Euro; an English version is available for the international markets.