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One of the more impressively tuned Lamborghini Aventador at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show was without a doubt the Avanti Rosso created by Nimrod Luxury Cars, a new tuner on the market that wants to become known for modifying exotic super cars, the first samples on display in Geneva were a Ferrari 458 Italia that tried to look like a LaFerrari and the bright white Avanti Rosso … based on the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.

Bader Al Roudhan is a Kuwaiti businessman but moved to Hungary where he founded Nimrod and created the Avanti Rosso … taking a Lamborghini Aventador and replacing just about every exterior panel and totally modifying the interior takes courage, money and vision … and while we don’t judge the final result of the Avanti Rosso you have to admit this is a totally different looking car now … priced between €700,000 and €900,000 it is also in a different price league compared to the factory built Aventador which is about half that price.

So what does this massive price increase will bring you as an owner … firstly a totally different car, most of the exterior parts have been replaced with highly modified, totally redesigned units, mostly made from lightweight carbon fiber which actually lowers the overall weight of the Avanti Rosso with 80kg, and that includes that massive, fixed rear wing and those large intakes above the rear wheels.

Up front the entire bumper has been replaced with a more pronounced unit that actually extends 180mm further forward compared to the standard unit, naturally the air intakes are modified too and Nimrod installs a vertical row of driving lights up front. The front hood receives two triangular air intakes next to the headlights and large red vents in front of the windshield … a style inspired by the Sesto Elemento in fact.

Both front fenders are slightly widened and receive a series of air vents above the wheels which look like they’ve come straight from the race track, to complete the transformation at the front a set of canards are installed on the side of the front bumper for additional stabilty at speed … Bader Al Roudhan actually quotes a top speed of no less than 420 Km/h …

On the side of the Avanti Rosso we encounter a beautiful sill, naturally in clear carbon fiber and featuring a trio of extra vents along the way, towards the rear wheels the design of the side sills swing upward to ‘connect’ to the new rear diffuser. The well-known side air intakes on the original Aventador receive two horizontal fins on the Avanti Rosso and a much large, carbon fiber fin to complete the look.

However the biggest difference on the side of the Avanti Rosso are those two large air intakes Nimrod added to the Aventador, on top of the rear fenders two large, boomerang shaped intakes have been installed to supply more cooling air into the engine compartment of the Avanti Rosso, note that Nimrod also installed a roof mounted intake … for even more cooling naturally.

The engine cover has been replaced by a totally new, carbon fiber unit with air vents similar to the ones found on the Sesto Elemento, also finished in red naturally, but on the Avanti Rosso a set of red Y-shaped lights run from the front to the rear of the car … very nice, and an innovative touch.

At the rear we encounter another very special touch applied by Nimrod … the massive rear wing is unlike anything we’ve seen before, a fixed unit this time, but the way it is integrated into the Avanti Rosso design still allows the original wing from the Aventador base car to rise when needed, great thinking from Nimrod here. The rear diffuser has become a very aggressively styled unit and boasts a stunning, totally new exhaust tip … it might remind us of the unit seen on the Pagina Zonda but still it is totally different.

The wheels on the Avanti Rosso are made in the United Kingdom, but for Nimrod they receive a touch of carbon fiber and red paint before they are installed on this amazing looking car, 20 inch up front and 21 inch at the rear.

For the interior I think Nimrod took a long look at the impressive Mansory workmanship and decided to show the same attention to detail on their Avanti Rosso … just look at that intricate stitching pattern on the seats … but also on the foot wells and even the floor mats … in fact the front luggage compartment even shows this amazing stitching pattern.

A combination of white leather, black alcantara and clear carbon fiber with red painted details turn the cockpit of the Avanti Rosso into something truly spectacular … and just when you think you’ve seen it all you peek up and notice the headliner … or should we say the stars in the sky … that’s right, inside the Avanti Rosso the headliner reminds us of the sky at night with a plethora of sparkling stars … amazing.

Now with looks like this you just need some more power right … all looks and no go isn’t an option when it comes to the Avanti Rosso by Nimrod, so with the original 700hp this tuned car will reach 100 Km/h in 2.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 350 Km/h … but on special demand they can turbocharge the Aventador V12 engine and pump out 1,200hp … 0 to 100 Km/h in 2.2 seconds and a top speed of 420 Km/h become a reality according to Nimrod …

It took Bader Al Roudhan and the team at Nimrod two years to develop their Avanti Rosso and while it takes 3 months to build one they told us a total of 5 units have been built already when they showed the matte black car at the Paris Mondial de l’Automobile in late 2014 … three of them sold in fact, so only two would remain.

Taking a look at the chassis numbers it does seem that the white Avanti Rosso shown in March 2014 at the Geneva Auto Show and the matte black one shown in October 2014 in Paris are in fact the same car … number 564 in fact … no matter what, the Avanti Rosso is a very, very impressive looking car.