Aventador carbonado by mansory - lamborghini aventador

I for one really like a car with a clear carbon fiber bodywork, I’ve been asking scale car builders to have a 1/18 model built like that, but apparently Automobili Lamborghini SpA isn’t willing to license just that, using various shades of paint isn’t a problem, but a full carbon fiber bodywork doesn’t get the green light from Sant’Agata … I don’t know if they are planning something like a full carbon fiber Aventador edition soon … but what I do know is that Mansory beat them to it with this new Carbonado edition.

We’ve seen the amazing red metallic Aventador by Mansory at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show, but this time the well-known tuner takes the concept into another dimension by adding even more carbon fiber to the package.

We already know the factory is using a lot of carbon fiber on the Aventador, but they tend to cover it up with several coats of paint, either with a satin topcoat or with a glossy topcoat, but what if you would replace those parts with carbon fiber pieces … with a clear coat, so the weave remains visible? You get an exotic V12 powered work of art like this Mansory Black Diamond, or Carbonado limited edition.

Only six of these black carbon fiber Aventador will be made by Mansory, and you just know they can customize each one of these to the specs the customer requires, so I would say they are creating six unique cars over the next months, so what makes this Carbonado so special in the end?

For one just about every body part on the outside is replaced by a Mansory made unit, up front you get a totally new front bumper with deeper spoiler lip and LED lights functioning as ‘Daylight Running Lights’ or DRL. Also note there is an additional vent on the side of the bumper and the side lights become black smoked to make them blend in better with the dark carbon fiber shade.

Up on the wider front fenders we encounter a new set of outlets just behind the headlights, but also the full carbon fiber front hood gets several air outlets cut into itself, even the Raging Bull crest is replaced with a Mansory logo, so technically speaking this isn’t a Lamborghini anymore, however Mansory clearly states it does not offer its own make as a complete car but fits in-house developed tuning accessories to existing cars … probably a licensing issue or something like that.

Anyway, the wider front fenders nicely flow into custom made side sills that offer dual inlets just in front of the rear wheels, note that the front width increases by 40mm while at the rear 50mm is added to the already wide Aventador. The new side sills effectively improve airflow and offer additional cooling onto the drive unit and the rear brakes.

At the back Mansory installs a new diffuser that increases stability at high speed while an impressive rear wing adds down force at the rear too, as a finishing touch Mansory will also replace the roof panel and the engine cover with full carbon fiber finished ones.

Do note that the Mansory Carbonado limited edition doesn’t only look impressive, it has some very nice figures on the spec sheet too, how about a power output of 745 hp at 8300 rpm with a nice 750 Nm at 6000 rpm? This allows the V12 super car to reach 100 Km/h from standstill in a mere 2.8 seconds … and if you really have the nerves to try … the top speed was increased up to 355 Km/h.

This Black Diamond Carbonado limited edition rolls on the same style wheels we’ve seen in Geneva on the red car, up front we are talking about 9×20 inch while the rear receives 13×21 inch ultra light forged wheels covered by 255/30 ZR20 and 345/25 ZR21 respectively at the front and rear, that is some serious rubber so I would advice to keep those burn outs to a minimum, not all tire shops will have these in stock I guess.

Now that’s all very nice to look at when you walk up to the car, or when people see you driving it along the road, but what about when you are seated behind the steering wheel? Fear not, Mansory is also known for their impressive interior makeovers, and this Aventador is no different.

The steering wheel is modified, naturally several touches of carbon fiber were added, but also the softest leather is used, with a contrasting stitching it really looks great, the seats can be covered with a totally different style of leather compared to the factory fitted look, it can effectively turn the Aventador into a different car, add the non-slip aluminum pedals and a multitude of carbon fiber parts all over the dashboard and you just know you are sitting inside a Mansory Aventador.

The dark red metallic car we’ve seen at Geneva earlier this year might not have pleased some people, talks about it being over the top were picked up during the show, but keep in mind there is an active market for highly modified exotics like this … and to be honest I really like this limited edition Mansory is showing here, I really like clear carbon fiber cars, and an Aventador like this is just amazing if you ask me.