Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition – Guide

Aventador lp760-4 dragon edition - guide - lamborghini
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Only weeks ago Jon Oakley created quite a controversy on line when images of what looked like an Aventador Roadster were published online, shortly after which an official statement from Oakley Design confirmed the rumor: they have been working on creating their own open top version of the Aventador: the LP760-4 Spyder that would feature a removable, carbon frame glass roof section.

At this moment we haven’t seen any photos showing the roof section in detail, but in the meantime Oakley Design didn’t stop creating another highly tuned Lamborghini, working together with Refined Marques they came up with the Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition … and the first of the limited production run of only 10 units has just been shown to the public.

This specific LP760-4 Dragon Edition was originally matte black, but today it features a rather special chrome wrap in a bright aqua blue shade that contrasts nicely with the clear carbon fiber parts Oakley design mounted on top of those black HRE wheels. Every part on the original Aventador air intakes that was black has been changed to clear carbon fiber, up front we see the extended intakes and the spoiler lip in the center, naturally all in clear carbon fiber, just like the impressive rear wing installed.

But Oakley didn’t stop there, take a closer look at the roof and air intakes behind the side windows … all glossy carbon fiber too, just like those rear view mirrors and the custom made door sills, showing the Dragon Edition serial number … attention to detail is very important here, the serial number plaque is even mounted in the completely ‘carbonized’ engine bay that now houses a V12 pumping out 760 hp, do note the Dragon Edition retains the four wheel drive and isn’t converted to rear wheel drive only.

Inside we notice several upgraded parts and special stitching … most importantly a nice red dragon on the door panels … hence the Dragon Edition naturally.

I can imagine this special blue chrome will not appeal to every customer, but remember this car was matte black to start with, and on that dark shade those orange brake calipers look really nice … somehow they don’t right fit into the blue scheme however … but that’s up to the owner, I’m sure he (or she) can order just about any shade on those calipers … for a price.

Check out the video we found on this limited edition :