Oakley design aventador lp760 spyder - guide - lamborghini aventador

Earlier this week we found a few photos online of what was told to be an Aventador Spyder version … and it didn’t come from the factory in Sant’Agata, this one was built by UK based Oakley Design, the same people that gave us the LP760-2 rear wheel drive only Aventador.

In the photos the entire roof section was covered in cardboard to avoid revealing any of the details on this open top conversion, but in the official press release from Oakley Design all was unveiled … under the camouflage hides a carbon fiber framed glass roof panel, just where it will be stored when not in use isn’t revealed yet, but I’m sure Oakley Design has found a solution for that … my guess would be at the front in the luggage compartment, just like on the Koenigsegg Agera R.

Oakley Design confirms building a convertible Aventador, a top specs, full option Aventador LP700-4 in Nero Nemesis was supplied by Refined Marques to receive the complete Oakley Design LP760 Carbon conversion making it the fourth Oakley LP760 built … but the first one that has been converted into a Spyder model.

We all know Oakley Design can make a rear wheel drive only Aventador, calling it the LP760-2, however this matte black Aventador Spyder will remain a four wheel drive model aptly called the LP760-4S and it will not remain a one-off model either. Oakley Design and Refined Marques have confirmed this is one of two cars under development … a quick check on the Refined Marques website shows they have two listings in their for sale list … a yellow Aventador Spyder and one where the customer can still decide on the color … while this matte black Aventador Spyder together with the second car ‘on the operating table’ are bespoke customer builds … too late, these are already sold.

In a mail from Oakley Design I received some more background information … this isn’t just a ‘cut and go’ conversion, this car has been intensively tested during many night drives to make sure the stiffness remained and the removed roof section didn’t cause extensive flexing of the remaining carbon fiber tub … the chassis rig test of the monocoque has been executed three weeks ago, before the car was taken on the road for some real life testing.

Feel free to check out these two videos showing the amazing power and magnificent exhaust system of the Oakley Design Aventador LP760-4S:

More photos of the actual car will be posted later on … but keep this in mind: even if Automobili Lamborghini SpA does reveal the official Aventador LP700-4 Spyder version (we’ve red it will not be called Roadster but Spyder instead) it will have an 18 month delay before you can park it on your driveway … Oakley Design beat the Sant’Agata company to the punch … and if the listing on Refined Marques lives up to the expectation they can deliver two Aventador Spyder models on October 31. 2012 … way ahead of any Aventador Spyder directly from Italy.