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RevoZport Racing Technology will be joining the ranks of tuners offering parts for the Lamborghini Aventador in a few days when they unveil their LaMotta on December 16. 2013.

Only two images have been published until now, both showing the rear of the Lamborghini Aventador LaMotta by RevoZport and while information and specifications are still very limited there are a few details available already.

Apparently the LaMotta will be delivering 820 hp instead of the factory standard 700 and with a weight reduction of 80kgs we could almost call this the Superleggera version of the V12 … performance will be improved compared to the factory specs Aventador … if most owners will be able to experience the difference is still to be seen as the original V12 Bull isn’t too shabby either.

Extra power and less weight is very nice, and important to some customers, but I’m sure many will go for the special rear wing seen on these photos … it looks like the wing shows a design similar to the Aventador J rear wing … it seem to be ‘hanging’ from the two struts, more photos from different angles will show this more clearly I guess.

Add the clear carbon fiber finish on the rear fascia between the taillights and a nice lower rear diffuser with red pinstriping and you have to admit the LaMotta already looks very nice … let’s seen if RevoZport also installed a different front bumper and custom wheels …