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Naturally we all know about the Lamborghini Aventador LP900 Molto Veloce edition from DMC already, first from the white car as a virtual 3D render and the first real Molto Veloce shipped to Hong Kong and finished in Arancio Argos … and today we can bring you the official DMC photos featuring this orange Bull.

Famous car photographer Chester NG was asked to do a photo shoot on the orange metallic Aventador with DMC Molto Veloce kit, if this specific car also received the LP900 engine isn’t known for sure, but it does have the lightweight exhaust system, which on its own already ‘liberates’ more power from the Italian built V12 engine.

You know this list by heart probably, but the Molto Veloce bodykit from DMC includes a new front spoiler bolted under the original Lamborghini bumper, finished in clear carbon fiber it looks really amazing on this Arancio Argos shade. At the side DMC mounts wide skirts, naturally in a similar carbon fiber finish, in a shape that reminds us of the Gallardo Superleggera side skirts … they look right at home on the Aventador too.

Do note DMC has painted the original side sills on this Aventador in such a way they resemble the Aventador Jota side by using black paint for the lower section, a small detail that changes the look of the Bull … for the better.

A new diffuser at the back surrounding the DMC Titanium exhaust system, the original rear wing on the Aventador now finished in clear carbon fiber and an additional rear wing turns the Aventador Molto Veloce in a race car look for street use. Add to this the black roof and the overall look of this orange Aventador is totally different compared to the factory standard car.

Inside this car features the usual two tone upholstery combining orange and black leather, but probably the most controversial item on this specific Molto Veloce are the wheels … the owner of this Aventador insisted on the color coded Forgiato wheels seen in these photos, now if you look closer at these wheels you’ll notice the style looks very close to the original wheels, but with a much more concave design, especially at the rear.

Many comments on this car are applauding the Molto Veloce kit but really don’t like the wheels, most mention using the very popular ADV.1 wheels … so we did a quick mockup by installing matte black, cross spoke ADV.1 rims on this car. So while it does not exist in real life … it does look nice nonetheless … take a look at this mockup in our image gallery.