Aventador Roadster First Emperor by Mansory – Guide

Aventador roadster first emperor by mansory - guide - lamborghini aventador roadster
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Only a few weeks ago renowned high end tuner Mansory unveiled another evolution of their impressive Carbonado package … using a Lamborghini Aventador as a basis the latest Carbonado GT ‘Stealth Edition’ comes with 1,600hp thanks to a bi-turbo modification.

The predecessor of this very high power V12 were called Carbonado LP1250 and Carbonado Apertos … with the latter being the Roadster version of the Carbonado LP1250, only three would be built … at a serious premium naturally, but we have to keep in mind Mansory was in fact the first one to offer a complete aerodynamic tuning package for the Aventador only one year after the original car was introduced, finished in a stunning dark red metallic the Mansory Aventador was the start of this entire series.

And today Mansory has gone back to phase one and implemented the original aerodynamic package onto the beautiful Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster edition … finished in a bright blue metallic shade Mansory calls it ‘As blue as the sky above Fujiyama mountain’ and dubbed this new evolution ‘First Emperor’.

The Mansory First Emperor shows a light blue metallic bodywork with an abundance of clear carbon fiber on the custom parts being added, like the front hood, wider front fenders with integrated vents, the large side air intakes and big side sills that run into wider rear wheel arches. Naturally the lower rear diffuser shows the same carbon fiber weave with proud while the air vents on the rear fascia receive the Mansory Y-shaped inserts that look like the original taillights of the base Aventador.

The custom made Mansory wheels receive a high gloss chrome finish combined with carbon fiber fins, the brake calipers are color coded to the exterior of the car … one of the most eye-catching features of this blue First Emperor surely is the interior.

A lot of white leather is used to cover most parts of the dashboard, the seats and the door panels … being a Roadster this might not be the best idea to be honest, white will create a lot of reflections in the windshield … in fact Lamborghini themselves refuses to cover the upper part of the dashboard in white, not even in their Ad Personam programme.

The seats are upholstered in white leather with a small blue section color coded to the exterior, naturally a special stitching pattern is used by Mansory, this pattern returns on the central console and inside the foot wells … all boasting the same white leather, fortunately Mansory did fit black mats to protect the venerable white leather from your shoes.

Furthermore a lot of custom weave carbon fiber is used on the central console, the upper part of the doors and on sections of the otherwise white steering wheel …. you might opt for a set of driving gloves to handle that light shaded steering wheel.

At the moment this specific blue First Emperor Aventador Roadster has no engine tuning, it still delivers the standard 700hp … Mansory could do anything between the standard 700hp and up to 1,600hp I guess … on the other hand … do you need, or even will be able to use 1,600hp with the top down remains to be seen.

If this is a one-off on special order for a specific customer or is Mansory planning a limited edition production run of First Emperor editions isn’t disclosed yet … neither is any pricing … but you know the saying ‘if you have to ask how much …’.

As usual with Mansory tuning … you either love it or hate it … there doesn’t seem to be a grey area between this … I actually do admire their workmanship and the fact they are totally different … so I will leave it up to you to decide.