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In March we were impressed with the new Lamborghini Veneno LP750-4 that was shown at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show, some love it, others hate it and call it over the top … it is a Lamborghini, so it should be cause for discussion and opposite opinions … I have stood next to it at the show and must admit it is very race inspired, but I rather like it to be honest.

Only recently the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show opened the doors with another limited edition Raging Bull, the Aventador LP720-4 50° Anniversario finished in bright Giallo Maggio and boasting newly designed front and rear sections … some even call it a preview of how the Aventador SV might look in a few years, but somehow I think the Super Veloce, when it does see the light of day will look closer to the Veneno than to the LP720.

Still if you want to dream ahead you can join Yat Jayi, an automotive designer based in Malaysia who came up with a very aggressive styling package for the Lamborghini Aventador. Called the Dargon Edition (could be a typo on the Jayi design however and it is called Dragon Edition, but that would interfere with the Oakley Design Dragon Edition)

Still we admire a very aggressive, far forward pointing front section in clear carbon fiber with color coded stabilization fins and large air intakes, also note the small triangular vents just ahead of the front wheels while the side sills get additional carbon fiber fins to increase stability at speed even more, both vertical and horizontal to get the best airflow possible.

On the front fenders, where they meet the doors, a triangular air vent gets mounted just in front of the carbon fiber finished rear view mirror, the air intake for the engine also gets a carbon fiber cover while the impressive rear wing looks similar to the Sesto Elemento unit, but without the exhausts exiting in-between the spoiler struts.

Instead the central mounted exhaust of this tuned Aventador is still in the same spot, but the entire rear section has been modified to show a massive air outlet in the middle and gets several vertical fins on the lower diffuser … all to add stability at high speed.

The wheels are an innovative design too, they resemble the original Y-spoke units from the standard Aventador LP700-4 but show a massively deep concave design at the rear while keeping a moderate concave style up front, the spokes get a nice orange paint to match the body of this Aventador while the brake calipers get a Rosso dress.

The drawings we found from Yat Jayi show the car in a nice orange shade, but we couldn’t help but wonder how it would look in the new Giallo Maggio shade … and while we had the masks in PhotoShop all made up we also tried the entire car in Rosso Mars and in Bianco Canopus … check out our IMAGE gallery for these additional shades.

Drawings © Yat Jayi