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We’ve seen the new Vortsteiner Nero offerings for the Lamborghini Aventador before called the Vorsteiner-V LP740 featuring some amazing looking clear carbon fiber aerodynamic parts and thanks to a special exhaust system a slight power increase of 40hp from the standard 700 found in the factory fresh Aventador LP700.

The Vorsteiner-V kit consists of a complete package front to rear for the Lamborghini Aventador, up front you’ll get a nice three part lower lip that fixes onto the standard bumper, the uprights on the outer edge of this front spoiler returns on the side sills while the rear lower diffuser gets replaced too … all finished in clear carbon fiber to make it look even better.

The Vorsteiner-V rear wing is another masterpiece of design and function … not only does it look great, it is also fully functional in combination with the original mechanism found on the Lamborghini Aventador.

On this specific Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster the front and rear intakes receive clear carbon fiber finish too, just like the large air intake on the side … in combination with the bright green metallic paint the dark carbon fiber looks really great.

Another highlight of this Aventador-V Roadster are the very special wheels … these are custom made ADV.1 units called Reventador M.V1 units, the front gets 9×20 inch while at the back massive 12.5×21 inch wheels are fitted, complete with customized OEM center caps on a matte black finish … the color coded brake calipers contrast nicely with the black shade on these wheels.

The car also features a very special exhaust … take a closer look at the four tips and you’ll notice the design has a very close resemblance to the exhaust seen on the one of a kind Aventador J … I’m sure these sound amazing and make the Hulk look and sound appropriately.

The nickname ‘Hulk’ is given to this Aventador Roadster because of the bright green Verde Ithaca shade … an original Lamborghini shade by the way. If you are interested in having your own Aventador or Aventador Roadster converted in a similar way you can always contact Prestige Design and go over the possibilities … the sky is the limit in personalization.