Bianco DMC Huracan Affari – Guide

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Back in November 2014, it was DMC that managed to show the first aerodynamic package installed on the brand new Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, the DMC Huracan LP630-4 Affari was unveiled on a bright green V10 now we can also show you how this impressive kit looks on a white V10 Raging Bull.

And you have to admit those clear carbon fiber parts and dark wheels look really great on a bright shade like Bianco Icarus for instance the entire DMC Affari kit is shown, complete with the front splitter nicely mounted underneath the original bumper and those add-on vents on the side with their carbon fiber fin.

But also the stylish side sills and massive lower diffuser are present together with the modified rear fascia proudly showing the DMC script and the two large indents but the rear is dominated by a stunning rear wing, again finished in clear carbon fiber, just like the section between the taillights which is no longer the Huracan base shade but turned into carbon fiber too.

Now I do like a bold shade like the Verde Mantis that was seen on the first DMC Huracan LP630-4 Affari, but I have to admit the Afferi kit on a Bianco Icarus Huracan delivers a totally different look and feel while the green car boasts a very aggressive, track styled feeling I think this white shade with the dark carbon fiber parts and nice wheels has a more refined look aggressive but still with a touch of class.