Carlex Design, based in Poland, has become synonym for high end, very luxurious interiors … their transformations are absolutely breathtaking and show an enormous amount of attention to detail, they don’t just reupholster the seats, door panels and dashboard … Carlex Design creates a totally new interior for your car.

In this case they went to work on a very special Lamborghini Gallardo, in fact we are looking at a rare Fortori SR66 … a V10 that has been made to look like the V12 flagship Aventador … complete with original Lamborghini wheels and taillights … with an exterior like this the interior couldn’t be left standard, so Carlex Design was asked to create something truly special for this SR66.

After an initial design and approval from the owner, Carlex Design started by completely removing the interior … seats, door panels, central console, steering wheel, dashboard, carpets, headliner … it all came out of this V10 Lamborghini … a blank canvas was left inside the SR66.

For this custom build Carlex Design went for a combination of red and black leather with black Alcantara, note that every piece of upholstery is measured and cut by hand here, no machines here, as for the steering wheel Carlex Design went for perforated leather on the inside of the ring with smooth leather on the outside, the center hub received an Alcantara cover with a bright red leather ring on the horn cover … all stitching done by hand on the ring of this steering wheel by the way.

The headliner, the roof pillars, top of the door panels and top of the dashboard are all covered in smooth, black Alcantara with the dashboard pod getting a surround in red leather, a small red leather line splits the upper parts of the dashboard and door panels from their lower part which get covered in black leather … the perfect stitching pattern is just beautiful in a tasteful red on most parts while black stitching is used elsewhere.

The door panels get a different design compared to the original Gallardo units while the door handles are finished in clear carbon fiber, a material most tuners would use all over the interior … but not Carlex, they completely blow you away with their innovative padding on the door panel showing a very nice, diagonal pattern.

A pattern that returns on the new central console, again with a stupendously beautiful looking stitching pattern and added padding to make it look similar to the original one, but still completely customized. Even the section for the e-Gear switches, usually finished in aluminium or carbon fiber gets a coat of bright red leather inside this V10.

In come the seats, they might have been the standard Gallardo units, but Carlex has created such a stunning, new design pattern using red leather, black leather, black Alcantara and different padding … they have totally transformed these seats into something a lot more contemporary … they are simply amazing! A small section of red leather on the side bolsters of these seats is even perforated … a perfect detail that clearly shows the level of workmanship Carlex Design can deliver.

If you are looking to have your exotic car’s interior transformed into something spectacular like this Gallardo I’m sure Carlex Design is the place to be …