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In December 2000 the Diablo successor was still not presented to the public, at the beginning of the year rumors stated it would be shown at the March Geneva Auto Show, but instead a heavily reworked Diablo VT 6.0 was shown. This ‘super’ Diablo as some people call it now is probably one of the best handling Diablo ever made by Automobili Lamborghini SpA, but everyone is still waiting for a real successor.

During the 2000 Geneva Show Lamborghini Officials mentioned the ‘Canto’ which is still not sure to actually become the real name, will be shown during next years show, but later this statement was revoked and in November 2000 the factory released a report stating the new Diablo successor will be shown during the 2001 Frankfurt Auto Show in September while the official presentation should happen on June 24th 2001 in the Automobili Lamborghini SpA factory at Sant’Agata which is actually closed to the public and club tours until then.

Over the previous months several press releases and articles have been published about the new super car Automobili Lamborghini SpA is planning to built, a visitor of this site has even seen a glimpse of the new prototype when it was being loaded onto a transporter heading for Germany. He was just on the factory floor to pick up his brand new Diablo VT 6.0 when through an open door he saw a bright blue car being driven onto a truck, unfortunately he was quickly removed and wasn’t able to take any pictures.

According the him the car looks well balanced and no longer uses the massive air scoops at the rear like the early Canto’s did, also it reminded him of both the Miura and the Countach, very aggressive looking and low slung, let’s hope it stays this way when it finally gets into production.

In an article by EVO (a UK based magazine), they state that the design has been done ‘in house’, inside Automobili Lamborghini SpA, afterward Audi designer were called in to make this prototype design ready for ‘production’ after which Bertone took over and finalized the car, a course which was similar to those taken with both the Miura and Countach earlier, this means the new prototype was designed by an Italian and only minor details will be changed before it will hit the roads in late 2001.

The writer of the article actually saw four cars on the factory ground which were covered naturally, but these sure weren’t Diablos, when Sig Greco arrived at Automobili Lamborghini SpA the car was nearly finished, it was a balanced, exciting and well proportioned design, but it lacked the aggressive and controversial looks of a Countach or a Miura, however this new Lamborghini will again use the trademark scissor type doors.

The chassis and drive train from the Canto prototype will still be used, with the known V12 engine installed at a 6-Liter displacement and pumping out between 550 to 660 Bhp, the Carbon Fiber bodied Diablo replacement should outperform just about everything else on the road today.

Also Automobili Lamborghini SpA is still working on a new ‘baby’ Lamborghini, although this is not the correct way to call it, this new car will have over 400 Bhp and will be powered by either an Audi V8 or a new V10 engine. The car will be built to Lamborghini standards, and parts from the Audi stock will only be used if they meet the engineering needs of this specific car. Since the price for such a new Lamborghini will still be high, buyers will not be happy to see a dashboard similar to an Audi in front of them, the new Lamborghini cars will be a return to the roots of Lamborghini, more aggressive and controversial than any Ferrari today. The future Lamborghini’s will have more power and less weight, they will try to deliver a better value by delivering more technology at a lower price.